Burly Men at Sea

January 2017

Adelle in use in the Scandinavian game Burly Men at Sea, a minimalist adventure game created by Brain&Brain.


Burly Men at Sea is a delightful ‘folktale adventure’ developed by the nomadic husband-and-wife team Brain&Brain. The story, or the game, is set in the waters of early 20th-century Scandinavia. The game’s story branches through a series of encounters with creatures from folklore. The role of the player is to be both the storyteller and wayfinder, shaping the narrative around three ungainly heroes as they set sail for the unknown.

Every detail of the game has been taken into consideration, the minismalism aesthetic of the illustration, the soundtrack whimsically composed by Plied Sound, the sound effects, and the typography. The typeface in use for the stories is Adelle. In the designers words, ‘Adelle was a great fit for that aesthetic, and we’ve gotten many, many compliments on our font choice and typography.’

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