October 2016

Undercast, a graphic design studio based in Antwerp (Belgium), has designed the book Biecorff using Eduardo Berliner typeface, Pollen.


Undercast, a graphic design studio based in Antwerp (Belgium), has been in charge of  designing the book Biecorff, about the building with the same name.  The publication explores the stories that this building has accumulated during its seven centuries of existence.
Undercast has used Eduardo Berliner’s typeface Pollen, a text typeface with strong calligraphic roots to set most of the texts in the book. In their own words: ‘We’ve used Pollen in several ways to guide the reader in the different chapters of the book. Besides the good legibility we have chosen Pollen for its fine details and specific letter forms. The typeface is now part of the identity of the book.’

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