Building ligatures: the power of type — new book
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Building ligatures: the power of type. Published by TypeTogether. 248 pages, 156 × 232 mm. Price: 25€ + 13€ shipping

Building ligatures: the power of type — new book

Great things happen through great connections. For 15 years TypeTogether has prioritised building these connections in order to reach the world with beautiful, engaging, and infinitely useful typefaces, covering a majority of the world’s languages. See what can happen as we partner to create TypeTogether.

Building ligatures: the power of type
In typography a ligature is a connection, an unbreakable bond between parts that results in something new, useful, and evocative. Over the course of its fifteen years in existence, the TypeTogether type foundry has built precisely that — both literally and figuratively. In Building ligatures: the power of type, TypeTogether’s cosmopolitan team of experts presents a cross section of the knowledge, experience, and best practices in type design, typography, and graphic design.

Photographs by Pavlo Kochan.

Founders: Veronika Burian, José Scaglione. 
Team: Azza Alameddine, María Cecilia Brarda, Joancarles Casasín, Rabab Charafeddine, Fernanda Farias, Joshua Farmer, Roxane Gataud, Pooja Saxena, Elena Veguillas, Liu Zhao.
Collaborators: Sahar Afshar, Clare Bell, Filip Blažek, Dr Mary Ann Bolger Andrea Braccaloni, Tim Brown, Jorge de Buen Unna, Dr Petra Černe Oven, Dr Nadine Chahine, Stephen Coles, Dave Crossland, Beatrice D’Agostino, Catherine Dixon, Vera Evstafieva, Ivo Gabrowitsch, Verena Gerlach, Tom Grace, Hyewon Han, Mark Jamra, Linda Kudrnovská, Gerry Leonidas, Laura Meseguer, Jan Middendorp, Ben Mitchell, Elena Ramírez, Ariadne Remoundakis, Dr Fiona Ross, Pablo Ruiz, Radek Sidun, Sara Soueidan, Martin Tiefenthaler, Dr Gerard Unger (1942–2018), Irene Vlachou, Anuthin Wongsunkakon, Qiu Yin.

Table of contents
Know-how section: selected essays from matchmaking and licensing, font quality, digital typesetting, and multiscript typography to more ­fundamental questions, such as whether the world still needs new typefaces.
Fonts section: presents a glimpse of the foundry’s most beloved typefaces.
Contributors section: introduces some of the most respected and influential experts in the typographic industry who ­happened to become TypeTogether’s colleagues and friends.

Technical data
Title Building ligatures: the power of type
Published by TypeTogether
Editor Linda Kudrnovská
Design Filip Blažek
Number of pages 248 full colour
Size 156 × 232 mm
Internal typefaces used Bely and Lektorat from TypeTogether
Paper Fedrigoni Arena
Price 25 € (+13 &euro handling & shipping)


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