Bodoni Stencil

July 2012

Portland (USA) based advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy contacted us with a simple brief: they needed a stencil version of Bodoni that supported the three scripts Latin, Greek and Cyrillic. However, the required font did not exist. Instead of designing a completely new typeface, TypeTogether advised a more immediate and inexpensive solution: modifying an existing retail typeface.

Bodoni Stencil font family for Levi's | TypeTogether

custom modification of an existing retail typeface

The choice for a starting point fell on Paratype's Bodoni version, because it already has Cyrillic and Paratype kindly granted permission for modifying the original drawings for this custom typeface according to W+K's brief. The Greek on the other hand, based on an open source version, was almost entirely drawn from scratch. 

Bodoni Stencil font family for Levi's | TypeTogether

 We improved the design of  the three scripts, added the stencil cuts and joined them under the Paratype Bodoni font file. The features that had to be adapted, include increase in contrast, change of serifs, change in some lettershapes and more. The position of the stencil cuts follows a natural logic creating a subtle and elegant impression. The resulting advertising typeface is being used for the global campaign for LEVI'S, in all Caps setting with additional tracking. This required only a small fraction of the time and investment that would be needed for a complete tailored font.

W+K Design credits for the campaign:
CREATIVE DIRECTORS Eric Baldwin / Tyler Whisnand / Don Shelford
PHOTOGRAPHY Christian Weber
DESIGN Steve Denekas / Jason Murray

Bodoni Stencil font family for Levi's | TypeTogether
Bodoni Stencil font family for Levi's | TypeTogether

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