SWP Book

June 2010

SWP, a book by Martine F. Delfos that deals with the risks of internet and and the dangers of game-addiction for young children, uses Nicolien van der Keur’s Sirba.


This book by author Martine F. Delfos’s deals with the issue of Virtual Development of Young Children and how parents can help them to manage all the risks of the internet itself and the dangers of game-addiction. It was published by SWP from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The idea for its content derives from the author's new professorship in this field. Although mainly conceived for adults, it is valuable for adolescents as well. It includes a scheme for a whole new system to educate university students on this particular topic.
Sirba, by Nicolien van der Keur, is used as main body text typeface, combined with Frutiger for texts that informs about articles written in newspapers and magazines about this topic.

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