May 2020

Maiola balances mathematical obsession.


If a designer’s surroundings could be quantified, what would they say? If walls could speak, would they reflect upon their arrangement and those who did the arranging? The catalogue, designed by Muflon studio, created for Szymon Kobylarz’s exhibition “Nieznane Niewiadome” (“Unknown Unknowns”) asks these questions.

If order is evidence of a mind, and the designer’s mind is focused on generating order, what do their surroundings reveal about them? Using the fibonacci sequence for page size and layout, the reader is invited to measure and quantify in order to shed light on their choices.

With such an obsessive and mathematical concept, Maiola was chosen to bring in the human element. Humans are not robots with the goal of achieving optimization only. We want to be moved. Maiola’s expressive and jaunty appearance balances the need for tangibility against the ethereal, and the need for connection versus concept.


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