TypeTogether returns to China

February 2017

José and Veronika are excited to be traveling to four cities in China in March, just as they did last year. They will travel to Beijing, Xi’an, Changsha, and Shanghai.



They will be at ‘The Way of Type’ opening exhibition, at the Museum of Chinese Advertising, and will hold workshops on Latin type design for local teachers. Follow our Instagram photos under the hashtag #tt_trip to catch all the action and typographic experimentation.

In March 2016 José Scaglione and Gerry Leonidas (Programme Director for the MA Typeface Design at the University of Reading) travelled to Beijing, China, hosted by CAFA (the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing). During the 10 days in Beijing they took part in various type events; judging of the 8th Founder Type Design Competition, introducing the TDC61 exhibition, and delivering a talk at the Chinese Fonts Design Forum.

Gerry has written a more exhaustive description of the trip on the Typography at Reading’s blog, and José is working on his film-making abilities with a new video production that you can see on our Vimeo channel or here. We are looking forward for the 2017 video!


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