Adelle Mono Poster
USD 9,69

Designed by César Sesio. 70x44 cm, two-colour offset print on 115g G-Print Smooth paper.

Adelle Mono Poster

The Argentinian designer César Sesio has designed a poster for our Adelle Mono typeface, and we’re happy to offer the poster to you free of charge — all you have to do is cover the shipping and postage.

As César explains, the Adelle Mono poster was not commissioned by TypeTogether. “I made it and then showed it to José. I love monospace fonts. They take me back to my childhood. Every Friday evening, I would go with my mom to pick up my father from work. This was in the 70s, so while waiting for him at his office, I would sit with a typewriter and play with it. On the other hand I am very attracted to overlying letters in the four primary printing colors (CMYK). Some key examples are the work of Karel Martens, Piet Zwart and Bruno Monguzzi, among others. The day I designed that poster, I had a conversation with a colleague on the role of design today. And we agreed that what we learned had to be rethought, still providing solutions to problems but to completely different problems. So, I thought a monospace font would work well with anagrams (unexpected results). And an anagram is a clear example of what rethinking a problem involves as an exercise.”

The poster has been printed in the Czech Republic by H.R.G. using four-colour offset on 115g G Print smooth paper, one-sided, 70x44 cm. It is shipped folded. 

This item is distributed for free by TypeTogether, only the shipping/handling fee will be charged in advance. Ships by regular snail mail, no tracking number provided.

Photos: Tomáš Rasl.

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