Sirba type specimen
USD 12,93

21×13 cm, three-colour offset and letterpress print on various papers. Embossed cover. Price includes shipping & handling.

Sirba type specimen

This collectors piece is a very useful tool to see Sirba perform on many different papers, uncoated, coated, white and off-white and type sizes. The stylish type-specimen shows the full character set, Opentype features and some examples of use. A great quality of Sirba is that the typeface remains very legible and readable on the different kinds of paper even in very small sizes such as 5 pt.

This booklet was designed and produced by Nicolien Van der Keur, original designer of Sirba. The 24-page specimen has been partially printed in letterpress and has an embossed cover. There are only 525 copies of this collector’s item.

This item is distributed for free by TypeTogether, only the shipping/handling fee will be charged in advance. Ships by regular snail mail, no tracking number provided.

Some technical notes
Number of pages: 24
Printing process: 
pp.1–4 and 21–24 printed in letterpress usgin a Glöckner Mercedes cilinderpress; pp.5–20 printed in Offset on a Heidelberg Speedmaster 52
Quantity: 525 copies 
Cover paper: Bioset 200 gsm 
Interior paper: pp.1–4 & 21–24: Munkenprint cream 1.5 (115gsm); pp.5, 6, 19 & 20 Maine gloss green (135 gsm); pp.7, 8, 17 & 18 Munkenprint cream 1.5 (115 gsm); pp.9, 10, 15 & 16 Amber Graphic (120 gsm);  pp.11–14 Bioset (80 gsm)


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