State of handwriting education

October 2022

At TypeTogether, we are currently conducting research into the state of handwriting education for the Latin script, and we would appreciate your help.


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Our goal is to create a free and open-source resource for the typographic and educational communities, offering a comprehensive view of how cursive writing is taught around the world and what letterform styles are used for its instruction.

To better understand how cursive writing instruction happens in real classrooms, we need the help of those who can give us a peek into the handwriting models and teaching methods employed in local schools, the textbooks popularly used in their regions, and how teachers adhere to governmental guidelines and new research about handwriting.

If you are a school teacher or educationist, designer or calligrapher, handwriting expert, or an enthusiast well-versed in this subject, and you can volunteer your time for a short interview about these subjects, please fill in our form and we will get in touch with you.

Thank you for offering your insight to make our research well-rounded and tell more substantial stories about your region!

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