Behind the scenes with Danielle Duncan (Evans)

December 2021

Combining fonts, food, and creativity is what our friend Danielle Duncan (Evans) does best. But it takes a serious amount of work to get it from a basic idea to prime-time-ready. Here’s some decadent behind-the-scenes goodness for our multiscript Bree expansion.


Sweet Yields

Not everything is sugar plums and fairies, especially when it comes to physical products that can change character over the course of even a few hours. Danielle Duncan (Evans), known online as Marmalade Bleue, knows this better than most since she is the mind behind the influential “food typography” category, among other creative endeavours. You’ve seen her tasteful and layered work for Target, Disney, McDonald’s, Kansas City Chiefs football, Tazo teas, Bath & Body Works, and so much more.

As Danielle made the video announcing the expansion of our Bree family, she captured some behind the scenes action for your enjoyment, as well as some thoughts on the process. What went into Danielle’s video? A lot! Let’s hear it in her own words.


“Within the video there were thirty layers of phyllo dough dutifully cut for the Greek baklava. Thirty-two Thai cookies were fashioned in three colors using speciality silicone molds. I made forty-one raspberry zephyrs and seven Russian tea cookies for the Cyrillic characters. The Roman and Arabic characters were frozen seven times. (Each partially melted on four different occasions!) And every dropped cookie was dropped (and broken) fourteen times on average.”

“Bree is near and dear to my heart! When I began my studio, it was my brand font so I was thrilled when TypeTogether asked to combine forces for the release of additional scripts. As a lettering artist and food typographer, it is critical to choose a distinctive but subtle font to offset my body of delicious work. While I have since moved on (hello, Bely!), I’ve never forgotten my roots!”


“Usually people hire me out for a typographic style as well as video and photo assets. However, TypeTogether’s international team had already come together to determine the theme and vibe for the Bree expansion. So I was happy to take a backseat and honor their hard work. I hope I did them justice!”

Our thanks goes out again to Danielle for all her hard work and her dedication to her craft. We appreciate how you sweat all the sweet details!


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