Lektorat rebrands BICE

January 2024

Lektorat is the singular voice rebranding Argentina’s state-owned development bank, Banco Argentino de Desarrollo (BICE).


For BICE’s recent rebranding, the Buenos Aires-based FontanaDiseño chose Florian Fecher’s Lektorat type family, and we think the results are enough to grab anyone’s attention.

The rebranding accounted for conventions that go beyond administrative cataloguing, starting from an historical analysis of the organisation’s culture. FontanaDiseño then used this analysis to create a new image that aligned with the guidelines and social context. The new branding included the redefinition of the institution’s name and the creation of a visual image that made its typographic voice its core asset.

“In this context, regarding the choice of the font family, our search was based on a specific need: a typographic resource with a certain stylistic neutrality, not too trendy but clearly contemporary, and with a lot of flexibility”, FontanaDiseño said in a statement. “Some variable families from different foundries were tested (in these cases, we always analyse performance, characteristics of the small caps, formality of the numbers, non-alphabetic characters, etc.), and the one that was most competitive according to the brief was Lektorat.”

Seeing as Lektorat is able to handle neutrality, modernity, and a distinct voice across all media formats, BICE chose the family as the defining brand feature. Both the display and the text styles are used cohesively across billboards and environmental design, their website and social media, advertisements and presentations, and all internal and external interactions, whether in digital or tangible assets.

Florian Fecher’s Lektorat is the sans family capable of setting a full range of editorial publishing. Its six concentrated text styles speak directly to readers, and its three display widths equal 42 additional styles capable of informing, persuading, and entertaining en masse.

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