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Browse through our selection of type specimens and get a feel for their charm and function.
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TypeTogether's primer lettering, font usage and tailored typography.
Typetogether Typetogether
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Black & Black Italic styles for display sizes ">
Take a look at the new expansion of Alisa Nowak’s Eskapade Fraktur: Black & Black Italic styles for display sizes
Adelle Sans Condensed: 14 new styles!
Take a look at Ebony, a daringly bold sans serif.
Capitolium 2, by Gerard Unger, now includes a titling companion: Capitolium Headline 2
New! the Armenian language extension for the multipurpose Adelle Sans


TypeTogether is commited to excellence in type design with a focus on editorial use. Additionally, TypeTogether caters tailored type design for corporate use.We invite you to surf our library of retail fonts or contact us to discuss custom type design projects.
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Typo matching

Marco (by Toshi Omagari) and Karmina Sans (by Burian and Scaglione): they both share the same humanist feel and similar calligraphic foundation and a touch of informality, but do not mimic each other.

Typography Primer

Typography made to fit: TypeTogether's primer lettering, font usage and tailored typography. You can see more images in Flickr and order a copy here.




We are pleased to present our latest custom project, Literata, a new tailored type family for the Google Play Books e-Reader App. Literata creates an organic texture that helps to deliver very good results for ease of reading and comfort.
The typeface includes two weights and matching italics with PanEuropean language support; Greek designed by Irene Vlachou and Cyrillic designed by Vera Evstafieva with external consultancy by Gerry Leonidas and Kiril Zlatkov respectively.
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