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Veronika Burian and José Scaglione met at the University of Reading whilst completing their MAs in Type Design, launching the independent type foundry TypeTogether (TT for short) in 2006.
Title Info
TT developed out of the desire to publish high quality typefaces and work on new type projects together (hence the name). The foundry provides common grounds for intense cooperation with other type designers, creating an interesting and diverse platform.

TypeTogether’s main interest is finding innovative and stylish solutions to old problems for the professional market of text typefaces, with a focus on editorial use.
This is where the greatest challenges are faced: creating typefaces that perform well in continuous reading, that also have a high degree of personality.

The aesthetic and functional efficiency of TT’s fonts are accompanied by excellence in technical performance. This is achieved using the latest font software, creating cross-platform Opentype fonts with extended character sets including: broader language support and all kinds of typographic refinements, such as small caps, ligatures and multiple numeral sets.

In addition to TypeTogether’s high quality library of retail fonts, TT also provides custom modifications and specially tailored typefaces; these can serve as vital elements of a company’s visual identity, by communicating a unique feel. Custom typeface projects are developed from solid foundations, based on the client’s brief, targeted research and the open dialogue between all parties. A big advantage of being a small and specialized company is that this allows for closer, and more direct, collaboration with clients; this is often necessary to accomplish their goals, and respond quickly to their needs.

The quality of TypeTogether's work has been already recognized in several international competitions, including TDC and ED-Awards.
TypeTogether s.r.o.
Korunní 810/104, Blok F
101 00 Praha 10, Vinohrady
Czech Republic

IČO 29034159
DIČ CZ29034159
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TypeTogether was created in 2006 by type designers
Veronika Burian and José Scaglione. Find out more about TypeTogether's founders:

José Scaglione

José Scaglione is a graphic and a typeface designer and co-founder of the independent type foundry TypeTogether, where he has published several award-winning type families. He teaches typography at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is frequently invited to lecture about typography and to lead workshops of typeface design at international conferences and academic institutions. José co-authored the book "Cómo crear tipografías. Del boceto a la pantalla", and collaborated with Jorge de Buen Unna on his book "Introducción al estudio de la tipografía". In 2013 José was appointed as President of the Association Typographique Internationale. In 2012 he was the chairman of the Letter.2 type design competition and conference.

Veronika Burian

Veronika Burian studied Industrial Design in Munich and worked in that capacity in Vienna and Milan over a few years. Discovering her true passion for type, she graduated with distinction from the MA in Typeface Design in Reading, UK, in 2003 and worked as type designer at DaltonMaag in London for a few years. After staying for some time in Boulder, USA, and her hometown Prague she is now enjoying life in sunny Cataluña.
Veronika Burian is a type designer and co-founder of the independent type foundry TypeTogether with José Scaglione, publishing award-winning typefaces and collaborating on tailored typefaces for a variety of clients. She is also involved with, a showcase for work and research on lettering, typography and type design by women and continues to give lectures and workshops at international conferences and universities.

TypeTogether is proud to present these type designers who are constantly working to improve and enlarge our library fonts

Leftloft (Milan)

Eduardo Berliner

Bart Blubaugh

Pilar Cano

Xavier Dupré

Stefan Ellmer

Roxane Gataud

Tom Grace

Wolfgang Homola

Ermin Međedović

Alisa Nowak

Toshi Omagari

Mamoun Sakkal

Juliet Shen

Gerard Unger

Nicolien van der Keur

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