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MeetUp 03

September 2016
The Polish association of graphic design, Projektantki, has organised for the evening of the 13 of September MeetUp 03, a type designer's talk with Laura Meseguer, Verena Gerlach and Veronika Burian. They will talk about their influences and paths to become a type designer.
September 2016

ATypI 2016 Warsaw

ATypI celebrates its 60th annual conference to be held in Warsaw, Poland (13–17 September 2016). As in previous editions Veronika Burian will take part in ATypI’s Type Crit alongside Gerry Leonidas, Jean-Baptiste Levée, and Indra Kupferschmid.
Toshi Omagari, designer of Marco, will talk about BubbleKern, his new kerning tool for type design that uses Bézier curves, and propose ideas for the future of kerning.
September 2016

Bits 6

This is the sixth edition of Bits, an international conference held in Bangkok, Thailand. Veronika Burian will run a workshop titled “Introduction to Typeface Design” and give a separate talk during the main sessions (eight and nine of October, 2016).
May 2016

TypeTogether Celebrates Tenth Anniversary!

TypeTogether will be celebrating its tenth anniversary during the International Conference on Typography & Visual Communication (ICTVC) in Thessaloniki, Greece, 5–9 July 2016. TypeTogether is organising the Saturday night party and we’re going to have a great time, so come celebrate this incredible milestone with us in Greece!

Veronika Burian and José Scaglione met at the University of Reading whilst completing their MAs in Type Design, launching their independent type foundry TypeTogether in 2006. TypeTogether developed out of the desire to publish high quality typefaces and work on new type projects together (hence the name). The foundry provides common ground for intense cooperation with other type designers, creating an interesting and diverse typography platform that is highly regarded across all design disciplines internationally. And we’re just getting started!
July 2016

Hiii Typography 2015

We are very happy to announce that Dr Gerard Unger’s Alverata has been awarded Bronze in the Latin category at the Hiii Typography 2015 competition  held in China. Burian & Scaglione’s Tablet Gothic and Ebony have been awarded with the Merit and Nomination respectively. Hiii Typography 2015 is an international typography design competition that includes three categories: Latin, Chinese and Student. In total 282 pieces of works from more than 20 countries and regions around the world were submitted of which 102 works have been selected, including 32 works from Latin Group, 40 ones from Chinese Group and 30 ones from Student Group. The 2015 edition counted with three renowned judges: graphic designer Bo Linnemann (Denmark), type designer Jean-Baptiste Levée (France) and designer Paula Scher (USA).
June 2016

Roxane receives 2016 SOTA Catalyst Award

Each year the SOTA Catalyst Award is given to someone demonstrating significant achievement and future promise in the field of typography. Roxane Gataud received the award this year, with the judges offering high praise for her seamless and impressive integration of type into a wide range of projects. Roxane’s typeface, Bely, was released earlier this year as part of being awarded TypeTogether’s Typeface Publishing Incentive scholarship. Roxane will present her work and receive the award at TypeCon2016, taking place this summer in Seattle, Washington. Congratulations, Roxane!
June 2016

ICTVC 2016

Two of TypeTogether’s type designers, Irene Vlachou and Dr Gerard Unger, will speak at ICTVC conference (Greece, July 2016). As a Greek type design expert, Irene Vlachou will discuss the skeleton of Greek fonts for the UI, what changes have occurred since the 1990s, and what it means for Greek in our digital world. Dr Gerard Unger will present on uncials in Romanesque Europe as well as his award-winning type family Alverata.
In addition TypeTogether will be hosting the evening party on Saturday, July 9, so join us there to celebrate our tenth anniversary!
May 2016

3rd Typeface Publishing Incentive Program Result

We are proud to announce the recipient of the third Typeface Publishing Incentive Program is ESAD, France’s Quentin Schmerber with his design, Temeraire. However, two more projects deserve a special mention, Anna Kabuła's Filipinki typeface (University of Arts in Poznań) and Mohamad Dakak's typeface for wayfinding projects (MATD – University of Reading). In this third edition we received 31 submissions, from nine different schools, 13 scripts (Latin, Greek, Devanagari, Hebrew, Cyrillic, Chinese…).

Quentin Schmerber's design, the Temeraire family, is a collection of typefaces designed as contemporary interpretations of the English letter. Each style is designed to harmonise with the others, but is also a stand-alone homage to specific parts of 19th century British lettering traditions: gravestone cutting, fat faces, master penmanship, copperplates, Egyptians, Italians, and the like. Thanks to all the participants and be on the lookout for Schmerber’s Temeraire. Congratulations, Quentin!

April 2016

Upcoming lecture in NY

In May José Scaglione will have the pleasure to deliver a talk at The Type Directors Club in New York. In the lecture Made to Fit José will address different options for tailor-made typefaces and licensing. The same evening the Spanish type designer Andreu Balius will deliver a talk about his typeface Carmen. The event will be held on the 19th of May at The Directors Club office in New York.
Read more here.
April 2016

Why do we need more typefaces?

Veronika Burian trys to answer the eternal question, Why do we need more typefaces?. The text, first written for the Typo 9010 book, can be read now on the Alphabettes blog.
April 2016

Beijing 2016

In March 2016 José Scaglione and Gerry Leonidas (Programme Director for the MA Typeface Design at the University of Reading) travelled to Beijing, China, hosted by CAFA (the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing). During the 10 days in Beijing they took part in various type events;  judging of the 8th Founder Type Design Competition, introducing the TDC61 exhibition, and delivering a talk at the Chinese Fonts Design Forum.
Gerry has written a more exhaustive description of the trip on the Typography at Reading's blog, and José is working on his film-making abilities with a new video production that you can see on our Vimeo channel.
April 2016

Tipos Latinos 2016

We are very proud to announce that Ebony, one of our 2015 release, has been selected by the seventh biennial Tipos Latinos competition. Every two years the Bienal de Tipografía Latinoamericana  selects the best of the Latin-American type design that is later exhibited in different cities on the continent. The bold sans serif Ebony has been awarded in the category of text typeface and will be featured in the Tipos Latinos exhibition and catalogue.
February 2016

2015 Print’s Typography & Lettering Awards

We are proud to announce that Toshi Omagari’s  typeface, Marco, has been selected by the judges Dr. Shelley Gruendler and Dana Tanamachi as the ‘Best in Class’ in the Typeface Design category in 2015 Print’s Typography & Lettering Awards.

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