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2015 Print’s Typography & Lettering Awards

February 2016
We are proud to announce that Toshi Omagari’s  typeface, Marco, has been selected by the judges Dr. Shelley Gruendler and Dana Tanamachi as the ‘Best in Class’ in the Typeface Design category in 2015 Print’s Typography & Lettering Awards.
February 2016


Bely, the wonderful serif family designed by Roxane Gataud  has been reviewed by the letterer & designer Isabel Urbina Peña for the blog Alphabettes. Additionally readers can enjoy a short interview with Roxane. For two weeks the header of the blog Alphabettes was also set in Roxane’s venturesome typeface Bely Display.
January 2016

Typeface Publishing Incentive Program

We are very pleased to announce the 3rd edition of TT's Typeface Publishing Incentive Program, open to all currently enrolled students of typeface design. The winning student will be given guidance and support in developing their career after graduation, through critical, expert-feedback, economic support and a publishing contract with TypeTogether.
You can find out more information about eligibility and how to apply here — additional information is also available at incentive [at]
Take a look to the recently released Bely, the first recipient of our Incentive Program, designed by Roxane Gataud.
January 2016

TDC Judges Night

This January 2016 Veronika Burian will have the honour of being one of the judges of the renowned competition that the Type Directors Club organises yearly. In addition Veronika will take part in the TDC Judges Night and she will deliver a talk at Cooper Union, ‘Curating a type library’, about the secrets of creating a successful typographic catalogue.
Talk: January 14, at 6:30 pm The Rose Auditorium at Cooper Union, 41 Cooper Square (New York)
January 2016

Tokyo TDC Vol 27

We are proud to announce that Alverata type family, designed by Gerard Unger, Marco, by Toshi Omagari, Bree Serif, designed by Veronika Burian and José Scaglione, and Ermin Međedović’s Lipa Agate have been selected for the renowned annual book Tokyo TDC Vol 27. In this edition Alverata was also awarded with the Type Design Prize.
December 2015

Typo 9010

Typo 9010 is an essential book that compiles the history of Czech digitised typeface between 1990 and 2010, featuring 399 different typefaces and the correspondent styles, including Veronika Burian’s award-winning Maiola. The publication also includes eight short essays by Czech and international typographers, such as Filip Blažek and Veronika Burian, describing the current and the past atmosphere of Czech type design.

November 2015

Granshan Awards 2015

We are very happy to announce that Karmina Cyrillic, designed by Veronika Burian, has received the third prize in the Granshan competition in the category Cyrillic Text Typefaces. This Cyrillic of Karmina is a commissioned extension for editorial purposes and will be commercially released as part of Karmina in the next 12 months. Consultation by Alexandra Korolkova.
November 2015

TDC Tokyo 2016

Alverata, a contemporary and eclectic typeface drawn from roots in Romanesque Europe, designed by Gerard Unger has received the Type Design Prize in the international competition Tokyo TDC 2016. Alverata was selected as best in the typeface design category among 2800 entries.
See the Tokyo TDC annual awards results here.
October 2015

Etapes 50 best typefaces of 2014

We are very pleased to announce that Alverata has been chosen as best typeface of 2014 by the French publication étapes magazine. The editors invited twelve renowned professionals from the typographic community to choose what they believe to be the best typeface designs from 2014. Three typefaces of TypeTogether’s catalogue have been included among the best 50: Gerard Unger’s Alverata, in first position, Stefan Ellmer’s Essay Text and Ermin Međedović’s Lipa Agate.
You can order a copy of étapes 227 here.
October 2015

Yearbook of Type II

The Yearbook of Type II is the second issue of the series started in 2013 published by Slanted Publishers and Niggli. It presents a detailed selection of typefaces from around the world – from large publishing houses to small, independent typographers and foundries. The publication includes information about the foundries, type designers as well as essays from Rudolf Barmettler, Thomas Huot-Marchand, Jakob Runge, Alice Savoie, Ole Schäfer and Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer. From TypeTogether’s catalogue five typefaces has been selected: Gerard Unger’s Alverata, Veronika Burian/José Scaglione’s Bree Serif, Stefan Ellmer’s Essay Text, Tom Grace’s Iskra and Ermin Međedović’s Lipa Agate.
Order a copy here.

September 2015

ATypI 2015

Toshi Omagari, designer of Marco, published by TypeTogether, will deliver a talk about the Siddham script in the upcoming ATypI held in São Paulo (Brazil). Additionally, Veronika Burian will be part of the type-crit session with Jan Middendorp, Sumner Stone and Gerry Leonidas.
Read more here.
September 2015


The 365typo annual book is published by the French étapes: éditions in collaboration with ATypI. The publication features 365 key issues in the field of typography, type, graphic design and visual communication.  Edited by Linda Kudrnovská and designed by Filip Blažek .
July 2015


CO-LAB: Collaborative Design Survey is a book by Elizabeth Herrmann and Ryan Shelley, founders of the design studio ras+e. The book presents the results of the writer's research about interdisciplinary collaborative design. They include several interviews, essays and illustrations to support their thesis about collaborative design: “research into others" processes strongly echoed their own ideas, so the interviews became the argument, which they re-broadcast in their own red-worded book.” We are happy to have had the possibility to contribute to this study. All interviews are on-line now and freely available. 
Go to CO-LAB’s website.
Read our contributing interview.
Order a copy of the book here.

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