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Cómo crear tipografías

April 2015
The third edition of the specialist book on type design Cómo crear tipografías (How to create typefaces), co-authored by Cristóbal Henestrosa, Laura Meseguer and José Scaglione has been recently released by the Spanish publishing house Tipo e. This guide, aimed to both beginners and more advanced designers, answers basic questions of type design in a clear and straightforward manner. As well as improvements to the text and images, this latest edition extends several chapters and includes more clarification of terminology.
Order the book in Spanish here.
April 2015

Upcoming lectures: Prague & TYPO Berlin

In May, Veronika and José will be traveling to Central Europe; first Prague with a visit to the Czech Union of Graphic Design and then to Typo Berlin, where they will present “Typography made to fit”, an exploration of tailor-made typography. With the help of case studies they will explain how custom typefaces, either created from scratch or adapted from existing fonts, can offer a distinctive look and feel without breaking the bank and avoiding complicated licenses.
Read more about Typo Berlin
Read more about the Czech UGD

April 2015

Grid Calculator Pro Edition

We’ve teamed up with Designers Bookshop —a company focused on creating software solutions for Art Directors— to offer all our new customers a test drive license at no charge, valid 3 months for the amazing plug-in called Grid Calculator Pro Edition. This plug-in for Adobe InDesign helps you to create incredible layout by doing all the complex calculations and setups for you.
Your approach is exactly the one I have been using for about 40 years, since the arrival of photo setting. When programs like Quark and InDesign came out, my method got forgotten, but now it seems we can work like this again. – Erik Spiekermann

After acquiring one of our typefaces simply fill out your name, email and shortly after a license will be emailed to you (one per person).
No payment whatsoever is required and it comes with no strings attached. License is not for resale. All the information you need will be included in the email that contains the serial number after registration.
April 2015

Upcoming lectures in Mexico

José has been invited to deliver two workshops at Imprimátvr during his visit to Mexico this June. Imprimátvr is a specialised agency consulting on graphic design, legibility of documents and text editing, founded by Jorge de Buen. In the city of Querétaro José will lead a two-days workshop of 'introduction to digital type design' and in Xalapa another two-days workshop about 'lettering for branding and type in corporate identity'.
For the Workshop in type design (at Universidad del Valle de México, Querétaro, 19 and 20th June) go here.
For the workshop in lettering & branding (Xalapa 22 and 23h June) go here.
March 2015

QVED2015 & The Stack

Our talk 'Type you can read' at QVED2015 International Editorial Design Conference in Munich is now online at tgm's Youtube channel.
In addition, The Stack's special report from Munich — program focused on print-media reviews from Monocle's online radio station and presented by Monocle's editor in chief Tyler Brûlé’s— includes a short interview with Veronika Burian and José Scaglione.
Watch the QVED2015 talk here.
Listen to The Stack here.
See a photo reportage —by photographer Andreas Baier— here.

March 2015

Women in Design

To celebrate International Women's Day (March 8, 2015) Fontshop has organised 'Women in Design' week, featuring top female type designers plus various font lists curated by women in the industry. Veronika was interviewed on the first day. She is in very good company with Sibylle Hagmann, Slávka Pauliková, Linda Hintz and Laura Meseguer.
Women in Design in Fontshop.
Read Veronika's interview here.
March 2015

9 Type Designers to Watch

TypeTogether is one of the “9 Type Designers to Watch” according to Print magazine in its February 2015 issue devoted exclusivly to type design and typography. We are in great company with Nina Stössinger, Hannes von Döhren, Jackson Cavanaugh, Maria Doreuli, Cindy Kinash, Frank Grießhammer and Dave Foster.
Read the article online here.
Buy the issue here.
See some images in Flickr.
February 2015

Alverata in Slanted 24

Gerard Unger's Alverata featured in the booklet Contemporary Typefaces, included in Slanted magazine 24, devoted to Istanbul's type and design scene.
See more images here in Flickr.
You can order a copy of the magazine here.
February 2015

Typography 06

Bree Serif, Gerard Unger's Alverata and Ermin Međedović's Lipa Agate featured in the Japanese magazine Typography 06. 
See more images here in Flickr.
January 2015

Como criar tipos: do esboço à tela

About a year ago we announced the Polish translation of the specialist book on type design, Cómo crear tipografías (aka How to create typefaces). Now we have a Portuguese edition, Como criar tipos: do esboço à tela. The publication, written by Cristobal Henestrosa, Laura Meseguer and José Scaglione was released in Spanish by publishing house Tipo e, in 2010 — which will soon publish a revised 3rd edition in Spanish. The book has been skilfully translated by Dr Priscila Farias and released with care, true to the original version by Brazilian publishing house Estereográfica Editorial, which is an editorial initiative by Rafael Dietzsch and André Maya.

Order a copy of the book in Portuguese here and here.
Order the a copy of the book in Polish here.
Pre-order a copy of the book in Spanish here.
See some pictures of the three editions here.

January 2015

Typeface Publishing Incentive Program 2015

We are very pleased to announce the 2nd edition of TT's Typeface Publishing Incentive Program, open to all currently enrolled students of typeface design. The winning student will be given guidance and support in developing their career after graduation, through critical, expert-feedback, economic support and a publishing contract with TypeTogether.
You can find out more information about eligibility and how to apply here — additional information is also available at incentive [at]
January 2015

Upcoming lecture and workshop

TypeTogether will be running a typeface-design workshop from the 20th–22nd February at DIT Grangegorman, in Dublin, organised by Typography Ireland. This intermediate-level workshop will cover the essential aspects of the type-design process, including glyph-drawing, spacing, kerning techniques and multiple-master technology. Intensive practical sessions will be combined with open critiques and short lectures, creating a fast-paced but hopefully fun working environment.
To sign up contact us at info[at] More info here.

José and Veronika will then travel to Munich, where they have been invited to deliver a talk at the 3rd edition of QVED 2015 – Editorial Design Conference, held on 26th–28th February. Their talk will cover technical, historical and theoretical aspects of typefaces designed for complex editorial use.

November 2014

Étapes magazine

Issue 219 of Étapes magazine features an interview with TypeTogether Co-Founder José Scaglione. This is part of a special edition of the French magazine that was published during the Brazil World Cup and it focuses on Latin American graphic and type design.
Read more here


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