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Étapes magazine

November 2014
Issue 219 of Étapes magazine features an interview with TypeTogether Co-Founder José Scaglione. This is part of a special edition of the French magazine that was published during the Brazil World Cup and it focuses on Latin American graphic and type design.
Read more here

October 2014

Communication Arts – Design Annual 55

José and Veronika's work has been featured in an extensive article in the last issue of Communication Arts—a magazine devoted to graphic design, advertising, typography—covering many areas of TypeTogether's work.
You can get a copy of the September/October 2014 Design Annual 55 here.
See some images in Flickr.
October 2014

ISTD 2014

We are very happy to announce that five of our typefaces received the ISTD Certificate of Excellence in Typeface Design: Alverata, by Gerard Unger, Soleil, by Wolfang Homola, and Abril, Adelle Sans, Bree Serif by Veronika Burian & José Scaglione.
As it is stated at the ISTD website: "the work eligible for a Certificate of Excellence shows a high standard of design in conjunction with a high standard of typography, the criteria being that excellent typography is an intrinsic element of the overall design solution."
Read more about the awards here.
See images of the catalogue on Flickr

October 2014


Roxane Gataud's project Bely — the first winner of TypeTogether's Typeface Publishing Incentive Program — has been selected to be part of the exhibition TransFormations. It will show hundred graduate and post-graduate projects representative of the excellence of French schools at at the Centre Pompidou, Paris.
During 7 days, in addition to the exhibition, the hundred students from creative disciplines (design, architecture, graphic arts and fashion) will participate in a public forum. They will have the opportunity to present their projects as well as be part of debates with teachers and professionals about topics related to their projects.
Roxane Gataud's talk about Bely is schedule for the 1st of December at 15.00.
TransFormations, 29 November – 6 December 2014. Read more here [in English]
October 2014

2015 Typography Annual

We are proud to announce that Alverata, designed by Gerard Unger, and Essay Text, by Stefan Ellmer, have been selected to be part of the 2015 Typography Annual published by Communication Arts.
October 2014

Lecture: "Tipografía a cuatro manos"

 José Scaglione has been invited to be part of the conference organised by the Design & Visual Communication degree at Universidad Nacional de Lanús (Buenos Aires, Argentina). He will deliver the talk "Tipografía a cuatro manos" (4-hand typography ), on Tuesday, 7th October.
Read more here [in Spanish].
September 2014

Rutenia 2014

We are delighted that five of our typefaces were selected for the Fourth World Festival of Calligraphy and Typography “Rutenia”, celebrated in Kiev.
See the posters of Adelle Sans, Alverata, Essay Text, Iskra and Lipa Agate in Flickr.
Follow the festival news on their website and Facebook page and some pictures here.
July 2014

Web Store updates

As part of our continuous effort to improve the usability and performance of our website, we have added software to calculate current-exchange-rates. So now, as well Euros, our customers can pay in Czech crowns, British pounds and US dollars. We have also improved our tax-processing-software to allow customers owning European registered VAT numbers to pay the same pre-VAT prices as customers from outside Europe; all VAT validation is handled during the checkout process.
June 2014

European Design Awards 2014

We are very happy to announce that Bree Serif has received the Gold Award at the European Design Awards in the category Original Typeface – joining  Bree, awarded Bronze in 2008.
June 2014

ATypI 2014

Gerard Unger (Alverata, Capitolium 2 and Coranto 2) one of TypeTogether's type designers, will present a lecture at the next ATypI conference, held in Barcelona in September. His talk Echo's from the Middle Ages, will be an overview of revivals and type designs inspired by medieval letterforms, from 1400 to 2014.
June 2014

Bree Serif

Read Yves Peters's interview with Scaglione and  discover the story of Bree Serif, Gold at the European Design Awards 2014.
May 2014

Upcoming lectures

Veronika Burian and José Scaglione will be going on a European academic-tour! They will be delivering a series of lectures, leading a workshop and opening an exhibition during the second half of June 2014. Check out the full agenda of activities in Spain, Poland, Slovenia and Bulgaria:

Do not miss this very rare opportunity to participate in a type-design workshop with TypeTogether's founders during the 6th edition of the Congreso Internacional de Tipografía in Valencia. Burian and Scaglione are also scheduled to deliver the lecture Center and Periphery in type design.
The full programme and all registration details will be available soon at:

On June 23th, Burian and Scaglione will be presenting their Shaping types. Form and usage lecture; this talk will explore concepts related to micro and macro typography. The event is being organised by the Polish-Japanese IT Institute in Warsaw.

On June 26th, the Pekinpah Association is organising a full-day of educational activities with TypeTogether. Starting off in the morning with a type-critique / portfolio-surgery, followed by a short introduction to the South American type-scene. In the evening there will be two lectures: Typography made to fit, about tailored typography and licensing, and Typography for real-life, which covers typography as applied to editorial design.
More information can be found at:

As part of One Design Week 2014, TypeTogether will be launching an entirely overhauled version of their exhibition Type design, from concept to reader. Additionally, José and Veronika will deliver the lecture Typography for real-life as part of the most excellent Forum Programme, put together by One Design Week. We are really excited about TypeTogether's first visit to Bulgaria.
More information at: One Desing Week14
May 2014

Typeface Publishing Incentive Program Result

We are delighted to announce the result of this years TypeTogether's Publishing Incentive Programme. The young and very talented Roxane Gataud convinced our selection team with her project, Bely, which was conceived during her recent postgraduate course at the Ésad, Amiens, France.
So far, Bely, which she optimised for editorial use, comprises of text and display variants, and includes support for Cyrillic. Roxane says that she drew inspiration from Dwiggins's design-principles and the classical proportions of Garamond, to create a highly legible typeface with a pleasant colour and texture. This makes it a perfect fit for TypeTogether's growing library.


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