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Tipos Latinos 2014

March 2014
We are very proud that Bree Serif and Tablet Gothic were selected in in the renowned South-American type design competition, Tipos Latinos 2014.
February 2014

Incentive Program

Typeface Publishing Incentive Program: we are pleased to announce a new initiative, open to all designers currently studying typeface design, aimed to help promising typeface design students develop their careers after graduation, by providing feedback and economic support.
Read more here.
January 2014

Upcoming lectures

Veronika Burian and José Scaglione will enjoy a short typographical tour around Northern Europe. First, on the 4th of March in Oslo (Norway) they will offer a lecture on 'Typographic Matchmaking' organised by the design society Grafill. They will then travel to Stockholm (Sweden) where they have been invited to participate in the series "Typographical Friday at The Royal Library" organised by the Swedish design consultancy A4.
Follow Grafill [in Norwegian] and A4 [in Swedish] in Twitter to get the latest information.
Read more about the lecture at Grafill

January 2014

Neue Schriften

The exhibition ‘Call for Type. New Fonts. New Typefaces’, held at the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, was a reaction to today’s over prolific field of type design, with thousands of new fonts released every year. Twenty typefaces were chosen and examined in very personal reflections by their designers. As a result, the Swiss publisher Niggli has released the publication Neue Schriften. New Typefaces, presenting seventy different typefaces in more depth, including an interview with Gerard Unger, Veronika Burian and José Scaglione, and features TypeTogether's family Adelle and Capitolium News 2.
See more pictures here.
More info at the publisher website
November 2013

Premios Clap

We are happy to announce that three of our typefaces have been awarded in the 2013 edition of the Premios Clap: Tablet Gothic, our 84-fonts grotesque sans serif, awarded Clap Platinum, maximum recognition, and both Adelle Sans, a multi-purpose family, and the exquisite Abril, have received mention in their category.
The Premios Clap (Premios internacionales de diseño, branding y comunicación) reward the best works in the areas of branding, editorial design, graphics in advertising and digital graphics from Latin America.
Read more here

October 2013

Serebro Nabora

Veronika Burian will offer a talk via Skype in the next edition of Serebro Nabora, the only type design conference held in Russia (8-13 November 2013, Moscow). Veronika's presentation will discuss the difficulties when designing scripts that we can't actually read.
Read more here.
October 2013

José Scaglione, new president of ATypI

We are very pleased to announce that TypeTogether's co-founder José Scaglione was elected president of the Association Typographique Internationale at ATypI's annual meeting in Amsterdam on 13 October 2013. This is the beginning of an exciting period for José and every one else involved. We would like to thank the outgoing president John D. Berry, now Honorary President, for his dedication and great work during the last six years.
Read more in ATypI
October 2013

Jak projektować kroje pisma

The book Cómo crear tipografías (How to create typefaces) by Cristobal Henestrosa, Laura Meseguer and José Scaglione, is now available in Polish: Jak projektować kroje pisma. Published by d2d and with Adam Twardoch's supervision, this is a skill full translation, edited with care and loyal to its original edition. It is on sale online at the publishing houses' website, for 40 zł (c. 10 euros) plus shipping.
Read more and buy it [Polish]
Read more in English
September 2013

ATypI 2013

Gerard Unger (Capitolium 2 and Coranto 2) and Adi Stern, two of TypeTogether's type designers, will deliver lectures in the upcoming ATypI conference, held in Amsterdam in October. Gerard Unger, who has recently earned a doctorate, will be speaking about Alverata, present-day European letters with roots in the middle ages, and Adi Stern, expert in Hebrew letters, will offer a talk about Type and ideology.

September 2013

Call for Type

TypeTogether's Adelle was one of the typefaces selected for the exhibition «Call for Type» (Mainz, Germany), an exhibit of contemporary typeface design from younger and lesser known type designers. Due to the good response the exhibition has been prolonged until October 27, 2013. In addition, the result of the exhibition will be published in form of a book, "Neue Schriften. New Typefaces", that will be released in October 2013.
See more images in flickr
September 2013

Tÿpo St Gallen

Veronika Burian has been invited to participate in the second edition of Tÿpo St. Gallen (Switzerland), a three-day symposium held at the School of Design of St. Gallen, from 20 to 22 September. Respected speakers such as Jost Hochuli, Erik Spiekermann and John Boardley will deal with the theme of the conference Weissraum (White Space). Veronika Burian will present a lecture about "Shape and counter shape" on Saturday 22 Read more here
July 2013

European Design Awards 2013

We are very happy that our 84-font grotesque sans serif Tablet Gothic and Alisa Nowak's serif and Fraktur Eskapade have been awarded with the Silver and the Bronze medal respectively in the European Design Awards 2013. With these awards Tablet Gothic and Eskapade join the exclusive group of TypeTogethers fonts awarded in the European Design Awards along with Abril, Adelle, Karmina, Karmina Sans and Bree.
Tablet Gothic, our biggest type family, was originally created as titling face, able to offer an extensive range of possibilities to designers working on publications in particular when different platforms are being used at the same time.
Alisa Nowak's Eskapade was built on the basis of a new dialogue between Roman and Fraktur letters, adapting these old style and broken forms for a contemporary use. Whereas Eskapade is conceived for continuous text in books and magazines with a good legibility in smaller sizes, Eskapade Fraktur directs the readers attention in headlines with its mixture of round and straight forms.
July 2013

Yearbook of Type I

The Yearbook of Type I, published by Slanted and Magma Brand Design, is a compendium of new typefaces created in the last three years from all over the world and from all kind of typefoundries. There is also space for designers, typefoundries and background information, with contributions by Ole Schäfer, Filip Blažek and Gerry Leonidas. Six of TypeTogether's font have been selected for this first issue: Abril, Tablet Gothic, Adelle and Adelle Sans, Gerard Unger's Capitolium 2 and LFT Etica by Lefloft.
Read more about the book here.


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