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November 2012
We are delighted that two of our typefamilies are part of the exhibition "Types for the New Century shaping the words of the future". It has been curated by Will Hill, Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design at Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University, and coordinated by The Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers. This international exhibition on contemporary type design features outstanding typefaces from the 10 years including illuminaries, such as Gerard Unger, Mathew Carter and Jonathan Barnbrook. The more we are happy to share the space and show Karmina and Bree.
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November 2015
We are very happy to announce that Karmina Cyrillic, designed by Veronika Burian, has received the third prize in the Granshan competition in the category Cyrillic Text Typefaces. This Cyrillic of Karmina is a commissioned extension for editorial purposes and will be commercially released as part of Karmina in the next 12 months. Consultation by Alexandra Korolkova.
October 2015
We are very pleased to announce that Alverata has been chosen as best typeface of 2014 by the French publication étapes magazine. The editors invited twelve renowned professionals from the typographic community to choose what they believe to be the best typeface designs from 2014. Three typefaces of TypeTogether’s catalogue have been included among the best 50: Gerard Unger’s Alverata, in first position, Stefan Ellmer’s Essay Text and Ermin Međedović’s Lipa Agate.
You can order a copy of étapes 227 here.
October 2015
The Yearbook of Type II is the second issue of the series started in 2013 published by Slanted Publishers and Niggli. It presents a detailed selection of typefaces from around the world – from large publishing houses to small, independent typographers and foundries. The publication includes information about the foundries, type designers as well as essays from Rudolf Barmettler, Thomas Huot-Marchand, Jakob Runge, Alice Savoie, Ole Schäfer and Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer. From TypeTogether’s catalogue five typefaces has been selected: Gerard Unger’s Alverata, Veronika Burian/José Scaglione’s Bree Serif, Stefan Ellmer’s Essay Text, Tom Grace’s Iskra and Ermin Međedović’s Lipa Agate.
Order a copy here.

September 2015
Toshi Omagari, designer of Marco, published by TypeTogether, will deliver a talk about the Siddham script in the upcoming ATypI held in São Paulo (Brazil). Additionally, Veronika Burian will be part of the type-crit session with Jan Middendorp, Sumner Stone and Gerry Leonidas.
Read more here.
September 2015
The 365typo annual book is published by the French étapes: éditions in collaboration with ATypI. The publication features 365 key issues in the field of typography, type, graphic design and visual communication.  Edited by Linda Kudrnovská and designed by Filip Blažek .
July 2015
CO-LAB: Collaborative Design Survey is a book by Elizabeth Herrmann and Ryan Shelley, founders of the design studio ras+e. The book presents the results of the writer's research about interdisciplinary collaborative design. They include several interviews, essays and illustrations to support their thesis about collaborative design: “research into others" processes strongly echoed their own ideas, so the interviews became the argument, which they re-broadcast in their own red-worded book.” We are happy to have had the possibility to contribute to this study. All interviews are on-line now and freely available. 
Go to CO-LAB’s website.
Read our contributing interview.
Order a copy of the book here.
July 2015
The next edition of the annual Granshan conference, focused on non-Latin typography, will be held 23–25 July, 2015 at the University of Reading under the theme “Global Design in Practice”. The first day will be dedicated to talks by MATDs graduates, with four of TypeTogethers team of designers giving individual presentations: Gerard Unger (Letterforms from the edge of Europe, 700–1200), Toshi Omagari (Making Noto Sans Tibetan), Veronika Burian, and José Scaglione (Curating a Type Library). They will be joined by Adi Stern on Saturday.
See the program here.
May 2015
We are very happy to announce that two of our typefaces have been selected at the European Design Awards. Gerard Unger’s Alverata has received Gold in the category Original Typeface, followed by Ermin Međedović's Lipa Agate, awarded Silver in the same category —joining Bree Serif (Gold in 2015) and Adelle (Gold in 2010).

May 2015
We are delighted to announce the result of the second TypeTogether Publishing Incentive Programme. The project that most impressed our selection team was Noort, an ‘in-progress’ typeface by Juan Bruce — currently an MATD student at the University of Reading. The original inspiration for Noort came from cartographic maps of the 17th century. Juan has been developing his typeface for editorial use, with a range of optical sizes to provide better performance in small text sizes. A generous x-height, long serifs, peculiar terminals and a rough-style italic are all part of Noort's charm. Juan’s intention is to support several languages, including Latin, Cyrillic, Greek and Bengali.
April 2015
José has been invited to deliver two workshops at Imprimátvr during his visit to Mexico this June. Imprimátvr is a specialised agency consulting on graphic design, legibility of documents and text editing, founded by Jorge de Buen. In the city of Querétaro José will lead a two-days workshop of 'introduction to digital type design' and in Xalapa another two-days workshop about 'lettering for branding and type in corporate identity'.
For the Workshop in type design (at Universidad del Valle de México, Querétaro, 19 and 20th June) go here.
For the workshop in lettering & branding (Veracruz, 22 and 23h June) go here.
April 2015
We’ve teamed up with Designers Bookshop —a company focused on creating software solutions for Art Directors— to offer all our new customers a test drive license at no charge, valid 3 months for the amazing plug-in called Grid Calculator Pro Edition. This plug-in for Adobe InDesign helps you to create incredible layout by doing all the complex calculations and setups for you.
Your approach is exactly the one I have been using for about 40 years, since the arrival of photo setting. When programs like Quark and InDesign came out, my method got forgotten, but now it seems we can work like this again. – Erik Spiekermann

After acquiring one of our typefaces simply fill out your name, email and shortly after a license will be emailed to you (one per person).
No payment whatsoever is required and it comes with no strings attached. License is not for resale. All the information you need will be included in the email that contains the serial number after registration.
April 2015
In May, Veronika and José will be traveling to Central Europe; first Prague with a visit to the Czech Union of Graphic Design and then to Typo Berlin, where they will present “Typography made to fit”, an exploration of tailor-made typography. With the help of case studies they will explain how custom typefaces, either created from scratch or adapted from existing fonts, can offer a distinctive look and feel without breaking the bank and avoiding complicated licenses.
Read more about Typo Berlin
Read more about the Czech UGD

April 2015
The third edition of the specialist book on type design Cómo crear tipografías (How to create typefaces), co-authored by Cristóbal Henestrosa, Laura Meseguer and José Scaglione has been recently released by the Spanish publishing house Tipo e. This guide, aimed to both beginners and more advanced designers, answers basic questions of type design in a clear and straightforward manner. As well as improvements to the text and images, this latest edition extends several chapters and includes more clarification of terminology.
Order the book in Spanish here.
March 2015
To celebrate International Women's Day (March 8, 2015) Fontshop has organised 'Women in Design' week, featuring top female type designers plus various font lists curated by women in the industry. Veronika was interviewed on the first day. She is in very good company with Sibylle Hagmann, Slávka Pauliková, Linda Hintz and Laura Meseguer.
Women in Design in Fontshop.
Read Veronika's interview here.
March 2015
Our talk 'Type you can read' at QVED2015 International Editorial Design Conference in Munich is now online at tgm's Youtube channel.
In addition, The Stack's special report from Munich — program focused on print-media reviews from Monocle's online radio station and presented by Monocle's editor in chief Tyler Brûlé’s— includes a short interview with Veronika Burian and José Scaglione.
Watch the QVED2015 talk here.
Listen to The Stack here.
See a photo reportage —by photographer Andreas Baier— here.

March 2015
TypeTogether is one of the “9 Type Designers to Watch” according to Print magazine in its February 2015 issue devoted exclusivly to type design and typography. We are in great company with Nina Stössinger, Hannes von Döhren, Jackson Cavanaugh, Maria Doreuli, Cindy Kinash, Frank Grießhammer and Dave Foster.
Read the article online here.
Buy the issue here.
See some images in Flickr.
February 2015
Gerard Unger's Alverata featured in the booklet Contemporary Typefaces, included in Slanted magazine 24, devoted to Istanbul's type and design scene.
See more images here in Flickr.
You can order a copy of the magazine here.
February 2015
Bree Serif, Gerard Unger's Alverata and Ermin Međedović's Lipa Agate featured in the Japanese magazine Typography 06. 
See more images here in Flickr.
January 2015
About a year ago we announced the Polish translation of the specialist book on type design, Cómo crear tipografías (aka How to create typefaces). Now we have a Portuguese edition, Como criar tipos: do esboço à tela. The publication, written by Cristobal Henestrosa, Laura Meseguer and José Scaglione was released in Spanish by publishing house Tipo e, in 2010 — which will soon publish a revised 3rd edition in Spanish. The book has been skilfully translated by Dr Priscila Farias and released with care, true to the original version by Brazilian publishing house Estereográfica Editorial, which is an editorial initiative by Rafael Dietzsch and André Maya.

Order a copy of the book in Portuguese here and here.
Order the a copy of the book in Polish here.
Pre-order a copy of the book in Spanish here.
See some pictures of the three editions here.

January 2015
We are very pleased to announce the 2nd edition of TT's Typeface Publishing Incentive Program, open to all currently enrolled students of typeface design. The winning student will be given guidance and support in developing their career after graduation, through critical, expert-feedback, economic support and a publishing contract with TypeTogether.
You can find out more information about eligibility and how to apply here — additional information is also available at incentive [at]
January 2015
TypeTogether will be running a typeface-design workshop from the 20th–22nd February at DIT Grangegorman, in Dublin, organised by Typography Ireland. This intermediate-level workshop will cover the essential aspects of the type-design process, including glyph-drawing, spacing, kerning techniques and multiple-master technology. Intensive practical sessions will be combined with open critiques and short lectures, creating a fast-paced but hopefully fun working environment.
To sign up contact us at info[at] More info here.

José and Veronika will then travel to Munich, where they have been invited to deliver a talk at the 3rd edition of QVED 2015 – Editorial Design Conference, held on 26th–28th February. Their talk will cover technical, historical and theoretical aspects of typefaces designed for complex editorial use.

November 2014
Issue 219 of Étapes magazine features an interview with TypeTogether Co-Founder José Scaglione. This is part of a special edition of the French magazine that was published during the Brazil World Cup and it focuses on Latin American graphic and type design.
Read more here

October 2014
We are very happy to announce that five of our typefaces received the ISTD Certificate of Excellence in Typeface Design: Alverata, by Gerard Unger, Soleil, by Wolfang Homola, and Abril, Adelle Sans, Bree Serif by Veronika Burian & José Scaglione.
As it is stated at the ISTD website: "the work eligible for a Certificate of Excellence shows a high standard of design in conjunction with a high standard of typography, the criteria being that excellent typography is an intrinsic element of the overall design solution."
Read more about the awards here.
See images of the catalogue on Flickr

October 2014
José and Veronika's work has been featured in an extensive article in the last issue of Communication Arts—a magazine devoted to graphic design, advertising, typography—covering many areas of TypeTogether's work.
You can get a copy of the September/October 2014 Design Annual 55 here.
See some images in Flickr.
October 2014
Roxane Gataud's project Bely — the first winner of TypeTogether's Typeface Publishing Incentive Program — has been selected to be part of the exhibition TransFormations. It will show hundred graduate and post-graduate projects representative of the excellence of French schools at at the Centre Pompidou, Paris.
During 7 days, in addition to the exhibition, the hundred students from creative disciplines (design, architecture, graphic arts and fashion) will participate in a public forum. They will have the opportunity to present their projects as well as be part of debates with teachers and professionals about topics related to their projects.
Roxane Gataud's talk about Bely is schedule for the 1st of December at 15.00.
TransFormations, 29 November – 6 December 2014. Read more here [in English]
October 2014
We are proud to announce that Alverata, designed by Gerard Unger, and Essay Text, by Stefan Ellmer, have been selected to be part of the 2015 Typography Annual published by Communication Arts.
See the 2014 winners here.
See images of the magazine in Flickr

October 2014
 José Scaglione has been invited to be part of the conference organised by the Design & Visual Communication degree at Universidad Nacional de Lanús (Buenos Aires, Argentina). He will deliver the talk "Tipografía a cuatro manos" (4-hand typography ), on Tuesday, 7th October.
Read more here [in Spanish].
September 2014
We are delighted that five of our typefaces were selected for the Fourth World Festival of Calligraphy and Typography “Rutenia”, celebrated in Kiev.
See the posters of Adelle Sans, Alverata, Essay Text, Iskra and Lipa Agate in Flickr.
Follow the festival news on their website and Facebook page and some pictures here.
July 2014
As part of our continuous effort to improve the usability and performance of our website, we have added software to calculate current-exchange-rates. So now, as well Euros, our customers can pay in Czech crowns, British pounds and US dollars. We have also improved our tax-processing-software to allow customers owning European registered VAT numbers to pay the same pre-VAT prices as customers from outside Europe; all VAT validation is handled during the checkout process.
June 2014
We are very happy to announce that Bree Serif has received the Gold Award at the European Design Awards in the category Original Typeface – joining  Bree, awarded Bronze in 2008.
June 2014
Gerard Unger (Alverata, Capitolium 2 and Coranto 2) one of TypeTogether's type designers, will present a lecture at the next ATypI conference, held in Barcelona in September. His talk Echo's from the Middle Ages, will be an overview of revivals and type designs inspired by medieval letterforms, from 1400 to 2014.
June 2014
Read Yves Peters's interview with Scaglione and  discover the story of Bree Serif, Gold at the European Design Awards 2014.
May 2014
Veronika Burian and José Scaglione will be going on a European academic-tour! They will be delivering a series of lectures, leading a workshop and opening an exhibition during the second half of June 2014. Check out the full agenda of activities in Spain, Poland, Slovenia and Bulgaria:

Do not miss this very rare opportunity to participate in a type-design workshop with TypeTogether's founders during the 6th edition of the Congreso Internacional de Tipografía in Valencia. Burian and Scaglione are also scheduled to deliver the lecture Center and Periphery in type design.
The full programme and all registration details will be available soon at:

On June 23th, Burian and Scaglione will be presenting their Shaping types. Form and usage lecture; this talk will explore concepts related to micro and macro typography. The event is being organised by the Polish-Japanese IT Institute in Warsaw.

On June 26th, the Pekinpah Association is organising a full-day of educational activities with TypeTogether. Starting off in the morning with a type-critique / portfolio-surgery, followed by a short introduction to the South American type-scene. In the evening there will be two lectures: Typography made to fit, about tailored typography and licensing, and Typography for real-life, which covers typography as applied to editorial design.
More information can be found at:

As part of One Design Week 2014, TypeTogether will be launching an entirely overhauled version of their exhibition Type design, from concept to reader. Additionally, José and Veronika will deliver the lecture Typography for real-life as part of the most excellent Forum Programme, put together by One Design Week. We are really excited about TypeTogether's first visit to Bulgaria.
More information at: One Desing Week14
May 2014
We are delighted to announce the result of this years TypeTogether's Publishing Incentive Programme. The young and very talented Roxane Gataud convinced our selection team with her project, Bely, which was conceived during her recent postgraduate course at the Ésad, Amiens, France.
So far, Bely, which she optimised for editorial use, comprises of text and display variants, and includes support for Cyrillic. Roxane says that she drew inspiration from Dwiggins's design-principles and the classical proportions of Garamond, to create a highly legible typeface with a pleasant colour and texture. This makes it a perfect fit for TypeTogether's growing library.

March 2014
We are very proud that Bree Serif and Tablet Gothic were selected in in the renowned South-American type design competition, Tipos Latinos 2014.
January 2014
Veronika Burian and José Scaglione will enjoy a short typographical tour around Northern Europe. First, on the 4th of March in Oslo (Norway) they will offer a lecture on 'Typographic Matchmaking' organised by the design society Grafill. They will then travel to Stockholm (Sweden) where they have been invited to participate in the series "Typographical Friday at The Royal Library" organised by the Swedish design consultancy A4.
Follow Grafill [in Norwegian] and A4 [in Swedish] in Twitter to get the latest information.
Read more about the lecture at Grafill

February 2014
Typeface Publishing Incentive Program: we are pleased to announce a new initiative, open to all designers currently studying typeface design, aimed to help promising typeface design students develop their careers after graduation, by providing feedback and economic support.
Read more here.
January 2014
The exhibition ‘Call for Type. New Fonts. New Typefaces’, held at the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, was a reaction to today’s over prolific field of type design, with thousands of new fonts released every year. Twenty typefaces were chosen and examined in very personal reflections by their designers. As a result, the Swiss publisher Niggli has released the publication Neue Schriften. New Typefaces, presenting seventy different typefaces in more depth, including an interview with Gerard Unger, Veronika Burian and José Scaglione, and features TypeTogether's family Adelle and Capitolium News 2.
See more pictures here.
More info at the publisher website
November 2013
We are happy to announce that three of our typefaces have been awarded in the 2013 edition of the Premios Clap: Tablet Gothic, our 84-fonts grotesque sans serif, awarded Clap Platinum, maximum recognition, and both Adelle Sans, a multi-purpose family, and the exquisite Abril, have received mention in their category.
The Premios Clap (Premios internacionales de diseño, branding y comunicación) reward the best works in the areas of branding, editorial design, graphics in advertising and digital graphics from Latin America.
Read more here

October 2013
Veronika Burian will offer a talk via Skype in the next edition of Serebro Nabora, the only type design conference held in Russia (8-13 November 2013, Moscow). Veronika's presentation will discuss the difficulties when designing scripts that we can't actually read.
Read more here.
October 2013
We are very pleased to announce that TypeTogether's co-founder José Scaglione was elected president of the Association Typographique Internationale at ATypI's annual meeting in Amsterdam on 13 October 2013. This is the beginning of an exciting period for José and every one else involved. We would like to thank the outgoing president John D. Berry, now Honorary President, for his dedication and great work during the last six years.
Read more in ATypI
October 2013
The book Cómo crear tipografías (How to create typefaces) by Cristobal Henestrosa, Laura Meseguer and José Scaglione, is now available in Polish: Jak projektować kroje pisma. Published by d2d and with Adam Twardoch's supervision, this is a skill full translation, edited with care and loyal to its original edition. It is on sale online at the publishing houses' website, for 40 zł (c. 10 euros) plus shipping.
Read more and buy it [Polish]
Read more in English
September 2013

Gerard Unger (Capitolium 2 and Coranto 2) and Adi Stern, two of TypeTogether's type designers, will deliver lectures in the upcoming ATypI conference, held in Amsterdam in October. Gerard Unger, who has recently earned a doctorate, will be speaking about Alverata, present-day European letters with roots in the middle ages, and Adi Stern, expert in Hebrew letters, will offer a talk about Type and ideology.

September 2013
TypeTogether's Adelle was one of the typefaces selected for the exhibition «Call for Type» (Mainz, Germany), an exhibit of contemporary typeface design from younger and lesser known type designers. Due to the good response the exhibition has been prolonged until October 27, 2013. In addition, the result of the exhibition will be published in form of a book, "Neue Schriften. New Typefaces", that will be released in October 2013.
See more images in flickr
September 2013
Veronika Burian has been invited to participate in the second edition of Tÿpo St. Gallen (Switzerland), a three-day symposium held at the School of Design of St. Gallen, from 20 to 22 September. Respected speakers such as Jost Hochuli, Erik Spiekermann and John Boardley will deal with the theme of the conference Weissraum (White Space). Veronika Burian will present a lecture about "Shape and counter shape" on Saturday 22 Read more here
July 2013
We are very happy that our 84-font grotesque sans serif Tablet Gothic and Alisa Nowak's serif and Fraktur Eskapade have been awarded with the Silver and the Bronze medal respectively in the European Design Awards 2013. With these awards Tablet Gothic and Eskapade join the exclusive group of TypeTogethers fonts awarded in the European Design Awards along with Abril, Adelle, Karmina, Karmina Sans and Bree.
Tablet Gothic, our biggest type family, was originally created as titling face, able to offer an extensive range of possibilities to designers working on publications in particular when different platforms are being used at the same time.
Alisa Nowak's Eskapade was built on the basis of a new dialogue between Roman and Fraktur letters, adapting these old style and broken forms for a contemporary use. Whereas Eskapade is conceived for continuous text in books and magazines with a good legibility in smaller sizes, Eskapade Fraktur directs the readers attention in headlines with its mixture of round and straight forms.
July 2013
The Yearbook of Type I, published by Slanted and Magma Brand Design, is a compendium of new typefaces created in the last three years from all over the world and from all kind of typefoundries. There is also space for designers, typefoundries and background information, with contributions by Ole Schäfer, Filip Blažek and Gerry Leonidas. Six of TypeTogether's font have been selected for this first issue: Abril, Tablet Gothic, Adelle and Adelle Sans, Gerard Unger's Capitolium 2 and LFT Etica by Lefloft.
Read more about the book here.

June 2013
You can read the article How to choose the right type by Veronika Burian and José Scaglione, first published in issue 238 of .Net magazine, online now.
Veronika and José explain the most important factors that should be considered when selecting typefaces, particularly in the digital environment. However, this text should be regarded as a starting point only, to help designers to move outside of their typographic comfort zone, favouring an analytical approach over recipes that can only result in repetitive, inefficient and boring work.
Read the entire article here
May 2013
TypeTogether welcomes three new members to the team: Sonja Keller, Font Engineer, Irene Vlachou, Senior Type Designer and Elena Veguillas, Communications Manager. This exciting development is part of our ongoing efforts to deliver friendly customer support, technical quality and excellent type design.

Sonja is an experienced font production ninja, who will take care of all the technical aspects of OpenType and web font development. Irene’s knowledge in multi-script design and her keen eye on quality will encourage a fresh approach to typography. She will be involved in the creation of new typefaces as well as expanding existing projects. Elena’s role will be to enliven TypeTogether’s communications and research. In addition she will also handle any aspects related to branding and the press office.

Read more here
March 2013
TypeTogether's schedule in Catalunya is already set and includes two lectures by José Scaglione in Barcelona. On Tuesday, April 9, at 7:30pm, do not miss Typographic Matchmaking, a primer to successful combination of type families, at BAU. And on Thursday, April 11, at 7:00pm, José will visit ELISAVA to present Shaping Types, Form and Usage. Both lectures are open to the general public.
April 2013
The Tokyo TDC Exhibition 2013 presenting the results of the Tokyo TDC Awards 2013 is being held at Ginza Graphic Gallery in Tokyo from April 4, 2013 until April 27. The exhibition presents a total of 150 works including the award-winning and nominated works and works which won high marks at the primary selection. We are very happy that our Tablet Gothic made it too.

March 2013
We are very happy to bring Tipos Latinos 2012, the Fifth Biennial Show of Latin American Typography for the first time to the Czech Republic this April. The objectives were clear; expose the local Czech design scene to Latin American typography and nurture the exchange of knowledge and experience. As part of this endeavor, we also invited several czech designers to contribute their recent type work, that hasn't been exposed to the general public before. The exhibition will open on the 4th April at the Gallery Vernon in Prague 7. At opening night a special token will be the screening of the film "Making Faces" by Richard Kegler.
March 2013
Tom Grace's Iskra has been selected by the jury of the renowned TDC competition to receive the Certificate of Excellence in Typeface Design, and will be included in the Annual of the Type Directors Club, Typography 34. Iskra manages to detach itself from the usual sans serif stiffness by paying tribute to the less-predictable style of brush lettering. The typeface was conceived to challenge the limits between utilitarian and decorative.
March 2013
Typographica's long awaited Best Typefaces of 2012 is out, featuring 3 of our fonts, Adelle Sans, reviewed by Nadine Chanine, Eskapade, reviewed by Matthew Butterick, and Tablet Gothic, reviewed by Ivo Gabrowitsch. We also recommend to read the Brief Thoughts on the State of Type, by Typographica's editor, Stephen Coles.
January 2013
Spanish publishing house Tipo e announced the release of the second edition of the very successful book Cómo crear tipografías (How to create typefaces), by Cristobal Henestrosa, Laura Meseguer and José Scaglione. According to Eye Magazine this book "may be the most fruitful publication so far availablein the discipline". Cómo crear tipografías is currently available only in Spanish. Read more about the book here
December 2012
We are very pleased that two of our typefaces, Adelle and Bree, appear in Stephen Coles recent book "Geometry of Type". A book about the anatomy of 100 essential typefaces. See some pictures here.
December 2012
We are happy to announce that Wolfgang Homola's unusual geometric sans serif Soleil received Silver at the Austrian Joseph Binder Award 2012, promoted by Design Austria. See some images here.
December 2012
Austrian media and print magazine "Graphische Revue" interviewed Wolfgang Homola about his typeface Soleil. About its special conception as custom font for the "Arbeiterkammer" signage system and how it developed into a full functioning type family.
December 2012
From the publisher: "Why do apparently so few women feature in the history of design? Why is it still the case that so few women speak at conferences? Why are previously well-known women ‘forgotten’? What effects does the gender debate have on today’s everyday working life? Are women judged today solely on the basis of their quality of work? Since professionalization began, female graphic designers have been working actively and successfully, but the artificial synthesis of masculinity and artistic genius has repeatedly prevented women — with few exceptions — to be recognised in ‘official’ design history. Still today, despite the claim that the gender issue is obsolete in graphic design, only a tiny percentage of active female designers enjoy public acclaim. This opulently illustrated volume sets out to fill this gap. It presents significant female designers and portrays their paths to professionalization, with numerous short biographies alongside essays, sources and detailed discussions with currently well-known female designers."
The book is available in the US and Europe.
December 2012
Veronika Burian and José Scaglione, co-founders of Rosetta Type Foundry, announced that on November 1st 2012, they ceased their involvement with the Rosetta Type Foundry. They are taking this step to strengthen their focus on the improvement and further development of the TypeTogether retail library and tailored fonts service. As such, new and exciting releases are planned for the first half of 2013, which will cover extended language support and multiple scripts.

November 2012
The long-awaited second issue of the Codex magazine, published by John Boardley, features an extensive article on the work of Czech type designer Oldřich Menhart. Paul Shaw collaborated with Veronika, whose dissertation for her MA at the University of Reading, served as one of the main sources of information. The articles takes a new look, more from a calligraphic point of view, and includes a selection of commented revivals of Menhart's typefaces. It sheds yet another light on his remarkable work. See some images here.
Btw, the Codex website uses our Karmina Sans as main body text.

October 2012
The November issue of German magazine PAGE is featuring one of our latest releases, Iskra, by Tom Grace. Iskra, a sans serif, was conceived to challenge the limits between utilitarian and decorative. Sporting a low-contrast profile, it is a study of bridled energy in the Cyrillic and Latin scripts.
September 2012
The Czech TYPO magazine published, in its most recent issue Nr. 48, an article about a selection of winners of the ED-Awards 2012. Abril received Gold in the 'Original typeface' category. TYPO conducted a short interview why Abril was submitted and what differentiates Abril from other roman typefaces on the market.
August 2012
José Scaglione was invited to deliver a lecture at the upcoming event Creative Scream in Rosario, Argentina. This yearly event gathers nearly 1000 designers at the Contemporary Expressions Center (CEC) for a 1-day conference. Scaglione will present a lecture about collaborative type design with a focus on typography for newspapers. For more information please visit
August 2012
The typeface created by TypeTogether for the new LEVI's campaign was featured in Creative Bloq, a very interesting blog that that focuses on trends in different design fields. Click here to read the blog or find out more about the LEVI's project
July 2012
Dutch Profiles, organised by DutchDFA, is a series of short documentaries about about architects, graphic, product and fashion designers in the Netherlands. The interviews, with both known and up-coming professionals, show the designer's way of working, their conceptual attitudes and thoughts and their surroundings. Gerard Unger's profile focuses not only on his past achievments with typefaces like Gulliver, but also shows some og his latest ideas and more experimental designs.
You can see two of his typefaces, Coranto 2 and Capitolium 2 in our type library.
June 2012
The Prague College of Design is organising an International Typographic and Lettering Conference, "Differing Accents" 11th to 14th June in Prague. They invited Veronika to speak about the work of Czech type designer Oldřich Menhart and his historical circumstances. Additionally she will present some of TypeTogether's projects.
May 2012
The Society for News Design invited José Scaglione to lecture in the conference Postpapel that will be held in Buenos Aires on May 18. The conference focuses on editorial design for paper, web and mobile devices. Scaglione's lecture deals with the various roles of typefaces in the design of newspapers, and the challenges and possibilities related to new media platforms. More information and registration CLICK HERE
April 2012
The Tokyo TDC Exhibition 2012 presenting the results of the Tokyo TDC Awards 2012 is being held at Ginza Graphic Gallery in Tokyo from April 2, 2012. Period: April 02 -  25, 2012
The exhibition presents a total of 100 works including the award-winning and nominated works and works which won high marks at the primary selection.
We are happy that Abril Text & Display is part of this display.
March 2012
Veronika was invited to speak at the TDC in New York, coming month, 12th April. She will discuss her collaborative work within TypeTogether on type designs conceived for intensive editorial use. The focus will be on the complex issues behind technical, historical and theoretical aspects of these typefaces. How they are set, printed and read. Go to TDC website for details.
If you are in the area please come and join.
February 2012
José & Veronika have been invited to speak at this year's Ampersand conference in Brighton in June. It is the second edition of the successful one-day event on web typography bringing together the industry’s leading thinkers and designers from across the worlds of type and web design.
February 2012
The popular Typographica blog is back with its well curated review of "Best typefaces of 2011". The invited group of people to review their choices of typefaces ranged from writers, educators to type designers and type users. This year, we are happy that two of our typefaces were selected. Claus Eggers Sørensens choice was Capitolium News 2 by Gerard Unger, and Abril by Veronika Burian & José Scaglione was selected by Tim Brown.

January 2012
Soleil, by Wolfgang Homola, is being publicised as contemporary interpretation of Futura in the book "Futura. Une gloire typographique", by Alexandre Dumas de Rauly, Michel Wlassikoff, Norma éditions, 2011.
December 2011
Apple released iBook 1.5, the new version of its mobile e-book reader application. Users will take advantage of a wide range of upgrades over previous versions, including an improved selection of fonts that includes the award wining Athelas. Designed by José Scaglione and Veronika Burian, Athelas is an attempt to go back towards the beauty of fine book design, inspired in Britain's literary classics. It takes full advantage of the typographic silence, that white space in the margins, between the columns, the lines, the words, the lettershapes and finally, within the characters themselves. It is a typeface with open counters, elegant curves and graceful serifs.
November 2011
The Association of Visual Communication Designers of Buenos Aires announced a lecture by José Scaglione on November 25. The talk, entitled Designing typefaces: from concept to reader, revisits the logics behind TypeTogether's conceptual take on type family production, and explores the delicate balance between aesthetics, functionality and technical factors that is necessary in type design.
November 2011
The Gestalten Verlag selected TypeTogether to feature in their recent release of Type Navigator: The Independent Foundries Handbook, edited by Jan Middendrop and TwoPoints.Net.
It is a very nicely designed and well structured handbook of the best independent sources for quality fonts; an indispensable tool for designers, consultants, agencies, and their customers of modern fonts. In addition to all the valuable information about the foundries, a CD with 100 free typefaces accompanies the 320-page book.
See some images here.

November 2011
We are very happy to announce that our typeface Pollen, by Eduardo Berliner, received the ISTD Premier Award for outstanding typographic achievement.
It is a very honorable recognition by the UK based International Society of Typographic Designers. It specifically acknowledges typographic excellence across a broad range of design disciplines.
November 2011
"Hacer Diseño Hoy 4" confirmed yesterday that José Scaglione will be a panelist at the Typography roundtable at the conference. The other panelists are Miguel Catopodis, Marcela Romero and Pablo Cosgaya, and they will discuss several topics related to the theory and practice of typography and type design in Latin America. "Hacer Diseño Hoy" is a yearly conference organized by postgraduate students at the UNational University of Rosario. Click here to see a full programme.
October 2011
Issue number 3 of Diseña, a graphic design magazine published in Santiago de Chile, features Jose Scaglione's newest article, "Four hand type design". Diseña is published by Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile under the direction of renowned designer and educator, Ma. Ximena Ulibarri. The magazine is beautifully designed and printed, with almost 200 pages covering a range of topics related to graphic design. In his article, Scaglione describes TypeTogether's colaborative design scheme and he presents the concepts that served as basis for the new font: Abril.
September 2011
Acclaimed writer and typographer Jorge De Buen Unna has released his new book "Introduction to the study of typography" (ISBN978-84-9704-589-6), a text book that is bound to become a must-have aid to graphic design educators and students in spanish speaking countries. With his usual exquisite writing, Jorge provides detailed insights into the theory and best practices of using typography. José Scaglione collaborated on the second part of the book, dealing with the basics of typeface design.
October 2011
We are very pleased to announce that two of our typefaces, Maiola, by Veronika Burian and Capitolium News 2, by Gerard Unger, were selected in the Letter.2 type competiton. 53 entries were selected out of 561 submissions. Letter.2 aimed to provide a broad snapshot of the global state of typedesign of the past decade. You can see the other winning entries here.
October 2011
WebInk recently launched a Photoshop plug-in that allows users to work directly in Photoshop with webfonts, without having to buy a separate print license. This is a great tool for the designer's workflow in preparing mock-ups and experimenting with webfonts. Most of TypeTogether webfonts are accessible via this service.
It is in Beta right now, available for free.

September 2011
Renowned type designer Alejandro Lo Celso will lead a new typography course at the Universidad del Este in La Plata, Argentina. This specialised course proposes to gain sensibilization and in-depth knowledge of theoretical, practical and historical aspects of typography. José Scaglione, alongside with other specialists, will be guest lecturers during the course. Click here to find out more.
September 2011
TypeTogether was invited by GraphicBirdWatching to participate in their event, the graphic design walk, during the London Design Festival, one of the world's most important annual design events, hosting over 280 events over 9 days. The graphic design walk will take place on the 23rd of September and will lead the visitor from the 'base camp' to 15 studios, in London's East End, of acclaimed designers working in the fields of typography, print-making, illustration, photography and film-making. TypeTogether will have an exhibition space at the base camp and Veronika is planning to design a typeface live during the event. A projector will allow the visitors to follow her drawing letters and give opportunity to ask questions directly about the design process.
June 2011
Jan Middendrop recently interviewed Dutch type designer Gerard Unger for the popular "Creative Characters" by MyFonts. He talks about how he started in type design, his time Wim Crouwel, his design philosophy and more. Read the full interview here. TypeTogether published two of his typefaces, Coranto 2 and Capitolium News 2.
June 2011
We were invited to show our "Typefaces, from concept to reader" exhibition as part of TypeTalks 2 in Poznan. It is an updated version with additional typefaces. The exhibition will be held at the gallery "stary browar" and will be open from the 18th until 27th of June. The opening night is on the 19th for those of you who are in the area.
April 2011
The Slovakian design magazine Designum, published by the Slovakian Design Center, asked Veronika to write an article for the latest Spring issue. The article is based on her lecture "Decentralisation in type design" presented at Kupe 6 with the general theme "Center and Periphery". See some pictures here.
April 2011
The latest issue of Czech design magazine TYPO features our article about the type design workshop we led in Cieszyn, Poland, last year. We wrote about our general approach to teaching type design and about the specifics of this particular group. See some pictures here.
April 2011
The Tokyo TDC Exhibition 2011 presenting the results of the Tokyo TDC Awards 2011 is being held at Ginza Graphic Gallery in Tokyo from April 1, 2011. The exhibition presents a total of 121 works including the award-winning and nominated works and works which won high marks at the primary selection. Our typeface Adelle is part of this show. See some images here.

March 2011
The US based developer team of taptaptap licensed Bree for their popular iPhone application Camera+. The app is simple to use and is packed with several useful features, which allow the user to control exposure and focus, try out various shooting modes, edit the picture with a variety of filters and effects and share in social media. Learn more here.
March 2011
ATypI is organising its second international type design competition Letter.2.It aims to provide a wide-angled snapshot of the state of typeface design around the globe ten years after the 2001 competition, and to promote typographic excellence and best professional practices. It also intends to raise awareness about the role of typography at encouraging and maintaining cultural diversity. Registration opens on the 4th of April 2011.
Check out the rules here.

February 2011
Fontfeed's Ives Peters invited people to submit their declarations of love for a typeface of their choice from a selection of participating foundries. Our typefaces Adelle and Bree have received some love letters too. See the full gallery here.
January 2011
Spanish group Tipo e announced that the first edition of "Tipo elige tipo" has been sold out. But do not despair if you don't have your copy yet. We recently heard that a (corrected and augmented) second edition is in the making. "Tipo elige tipo" features 16 articles by typographers and type designers, including Miguel Catopodis' article about Karmina and José Scaglione's about Bree. The book is fully set in Karmina as well. Visit the Tipo e website to find out more.
January 2011
Since 1959, Communication Arts has published the best in visual communications from around the world. The 2011 Typography Annual features 179 projects that the jury selected from the 2,135 entries. The selected projects include three of our typefaces: Edita, designed by Pilar Cano, Karmina Sans and Adelle, designed by Veronika Burian and José Scaglione. Read more and see some images.
January 2011
Elliot Jay Stocks interviewed José and Veronika for the latest issue, #2, of 8 Faces. This magazine, printed in limited edition, features interviews with 8 different designers and has them select their favourite 8 typefaces. They talked about the beginnings of TypeTogether, the working process and what kind of lessons were learned over the past years. See some images here.
December 2010
The successfull website, a vast forum with topics related to the creative community, decided to take the jump and present their content with our webfont Cora. The new service of Extensis, WebINK, makes the implementation easy and fast. Cora, designed by Bart Blubaugh, is a sans serif, with an experimental bent, offering a large x-height, some contrast of stroke weight, and capitals inspired by classical lettering. Its proportions and structure lend themselves to be clearly legible on the screen.
December 2010
Julia Kahl from the German design magazine Slanted interviewed Veronika this last May during TYPO Berlin. She asked her how Veronika came to type design, how TypeTogether started and why she thinks there are so few female typedesigners. The whole issue Nr. 12 is dedicated to female designers and their work and topics around. Additionally our typefaces Adelle and Bree are used throughout the magazine, both as bodytext and headlines.
November 2010
Our typefaces Adelle and Maiola were selected in the first Ukrainian typeface competition and then exhibited at the Rutenia Calligraphy & Typography Festival in Kyiv. Lectures, master-classes and an open-air workshop "Street Calligraphy" were all part of the two-day event. The exhibition though runs until the 22nd November. On the festival website it reads: "The festival mission is to revive an interest in calligraphy and typography in Ukraine, to provide a place to communicate for calligraphers, typeface designers, typographers, publishers, creative professionals, advertising industry workers, art students, and all the people who care about visual form of word or book as well as about its content."
October 2010
Donald and Liza from Typeradio took the opportunity at the ED-Awards celebrations 2010 in Rotterdam to interview Veronika about her work. She attended the awards ceremony, because TypeTogether received a Gold Medal for Adelle. The interview starts questioning Veronika about religion and then continues to ask how she got to type design, her favourite letter and more. Listen now.
October 2010
In 2008 Veronika and José were interviewed by Jan Middendrop for the monthly popular series "Creative Characters" by MyFonts. The originally digital interview, was included in the first volume of type-designer interviews spanning two years, with expanded case histories, behind-the-scenes images and further examples of fonts in use. Get the book here.
September 2010
The Polish New Art Foundation ZNACZY SIE announces an international type design competition to commemorate the birth centennial of Czesław Miłosz - a poet, writer, translator and Nobel Laureate. All currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students are invited to participate. Veronika was invited to be part of the jury, together with Pilar Cano, Barbara Kȩsek-Bardel, Robert Oleś and Kuba Sowiński. For more information go here.
September 2010
The French design magazine étapes is featuring an interview with Veronika in its July 2010 issue. Linda Kudrnovská, chief editor of the czech magazine TYPO, asked Veronika about type combinations, trends and multi-script typography.
August 2010
The annual conference "Tage der Typografie" are being held for the 12th time this year from the 5th to 7th November in Düsseldorf, Germany. The organiser Peter Reichard invited Veronika this year to give a weekend workshop as part of the events.
This workshop is aimed to graphic design professionals and students. It may be also of interest to calligraphers, editorial designers, information designers and industrial designers. By means of tracing pre-selected letters, participants will experiment with structural elements of lettershapes such as contrast, connections, weight of strokes and curve velocity. They will also learn the basics behind sketching an alphabet. This will be aided by short lessons that will establish essential knowledge units that support the theoretical framework and the concepts behind the exercises. The resulting characters will be openly discussed and corrections and alternatives will be shared among participants. During the second day, students will digitize their work according to a specific set of instructions and will have the opportunity to touch on more advanced questions, such as diacritics, coding, font family development and font production.

July 2010
We are happy and proud to announce that we have received two awards in this years ED-Awards competition. Our multi-purpose typefamily Adelle was given Gold and Karmina Sans won Bronze in the category "Original Typeface". Veronika collected the nice but very heavy trophy at the awards ceremony in Rotterdam this past month. Many thanks to the jury and Ed-Awards!
June 2010
Simon Esterson from the UK-based magazine Eye asked us about the experiences we had with Typekit and what our general take is on the new possibilities in web typography. The entire interview can be read online at eye blog.
June 2010
Polish designer and teacher Ewa Satalecka interviewed José and Veronika for the design magazine 2+3D. The six-page article covers questions about long-distance collaboration and the way of designing type faces together. It also shows some very nice examples of various available TT typefaces. Erratum, unfortunately the publisher did not properly mark the poster showing Edita, as being designed by Pilar Cano, and apologises for the mistake.
May 2010
The team of the German design magazine Slanted invited us to submit Givry, designed by Tom Grace, for their latest issue "Blackletter". The magazine explores the type category of blackletter and anything related to that including a series of photographs about the Norwegian Heavy Metal scene. Givry is presented in the section "Fontlabels, Fonts & Families"
May 2010
The newly redesigned, by Marek Pistora, Czech magazine FONT invited José and Veronika to speak amongst other things about their beginnings, influences, approach to design and way of collaboration. The well designed four-page interview also shows some samples of our typefaces in use, such as in various newspapers and books.
April 2010
The first exhibition of Tipos Latinos 2010 opened in Santiago, Chile, on April 14th 2010. The program of activities included two days of lectures at the Centro Cultural de España. Scaglione was the keynote speaker on the first day, with a lecture entitled "Shaping Types" that focuses on typography for editorial design. On the second day, Isaías Loaiza presented a lecture about corporate fonts and the role of typography in a corporate id program. The TiposLatinos 2010 exhibition includes two typefaces by TypeTogether: Karmina Sans and Adelle. The photo in this story is courtesy of Consuelo Saavedra. More images available here.
April 2010
Veronika is scheduled to give a talk at this years typographic symposium "typetalks" in Brno. This unique one-day event will feature various international speakers lecturing about the beauty of type, typographic history and will share some insight in type design. More information about venue, schedule and registration are available on
February 2010
FontCast #9 — TypeTogether from FontShop on Vimeo. Veronika Burian and José Scaglione interviewed by Stephen Coles during the last ATypI conference in October 2009. A terrace overlooking the Zócalo square of Mexico City is the perfect framework to talk about fonts, TT's beginnings and much more. See the fontcast HERE.
April 2010
Pilar Cano's beautiful typeface Edita, is taking part in the type exhibition "Lletres de Barcelona", open from the 19th to the 30th April in Amiens, France. The exhibition is organised by Sébastien Morlighem and the ÉSAD (école supérieure d'art et de design d'Amiens), showing the work of various established Spanish type designers, including Andreu Balius and Laura Meseguer.
March 2010
We are happy to announce that two of our typefamilies, Adelle and Karmina Sans, have been recently selected in the renowned South-American type design competition, Tipos Latinos 2010.
March 2010
Thomas Kunze, who runs the private blog ABCdarium about anything related to typography, asked Veronika to write a brief piece about TypeTogether. It talks about the beginnings of TT and the collaboration between Veronika and José. In German only :-)
February 2010
TypeTogether contributed 3 different ampersands to the joint effort of SOTA and Fontaid IV, creating a typeface with many different ampersands, called "coming together". All revenue from sales will go to "Doctors without borders" for direct support of Haitian victims of the recent earthquake. The $20 font is available at MyFonts, Ascender, Veer and Fontshop. Read more in SOTA's website.
February 2010
Veronika was invited to present at PechaKucha vol.16, in Prague, in the Areo cinema. PK has been organised in Prague since 4 years and the interest is still high. There were about 200 people in the audience. Veronika spoke about the importance of type in graphic communication presenting some examples of TypeTogether's work.
PechaKucha, the japanese word for "chit-chat", started in Tokyo in 2003 with the first presentation in studio SuperDeluxe. It was devised as an event for young designers, architects, artists to meet and show their work in public. The format is quite simple, each presenter has 20 slides and 20 seconds to speak for each of them. It is a fast pace, making the event interesting and diverse.
February 2010
Fifth seminar UGD: "Shaping types, form and usage"
The fifth seminar of the Union of Graphic designers will be lead by type designers Veronika Burian and José Scaglione, who co-founded the font-label TypeTogether. The lecture will focus on contemporary type design, its usage in newspapers and magazines, and other aspects of typography.
The seminar is intended for both experienced typographers and graphic designers as well as students of those subjects. Although the seminar will concentrate on creating typefaces, general issues related to contemporary graphic design of books and periodicals will be discussed.

Date: 15th February 2010 at 18:00 in the building VOŠP.

Please confirm your participation by filling out this form. Price of the seminar is 200 CZK per person, CZK 100 for students with a valid student ID. Seminars are free for members of the Union and graphic design students of VOŠP.

VOŠP - Higher School of Journalism 
Opatovická 160/18, 110 00 Prague 1 - Nové Město
Map: The entrance to the school can be found in the passage between the streets Spálená and Opatovická
January 2010
Our award winning typeface Karmina has received yet another recognition, albeit nothing highly official. It has been selected, together with Edita, in the list of Typography Served. It is a showing of selected works from leading design professionals in typography.
January 2010
The NYC based studio arc90 developed a tool, called 'Readability', that allows users to view websites, and read articles, in a clean and ad-free environment. By a simple click on the 'Readability' button in the bookmark menu, all the flashing images and annoying advertising disappears and one can focus on the actual text. They teamed up with TypeKit and choose our typeface Athelas as one of the options for reading the web. Athelas has been professionally optimised for on-screen viewing, so the reading experience remains as good as possible.
January 2010
The AGD FaVU, VUT Brno, invited Veronika to give a talk to their students and a wider interested audience. It will take place on the 21st January 2010 at the Academy at 18:00. Veronika will talk about the pros and contras of retail and custom-made typefaces showing her own and collaborative work.
January 2010
Pilar Cano's beautifully spirited typeface Edita has been selected in the list of Typography Served. It is a showing of selected works from leading design professionals in typography. Congrats Pilar!
December 2009
The renowned Czech magazine TYPO, selected two of our typefaces, Adelle and the latest release Etica, as "type of the week".
December 2009
The Award winning font family Athelas, designed by V.Burian and J. Scaglione, was re-engineered for web usage and is now available on Typekit. Athelas was intensively hinted and the font file-size was optimized for web publishing.
November 2009
We did it again! Three of our typefaces won again at this years Granshan type competiton, organised and supported by the Ministry of Culture of Armenia. Karmina Sans got the first prize in the Latin text category and Adelle the third. Thank you Granshan!
October 2009
The renowned cultural center, Zamek Cieszyn, in Poland invited Veronika and José to lead a week-long type workshop, "Tailored typeface design", at the beginning of February. It is a natural continuation of previous workshops held at the center. Students will be given a hypothetical project, that will be used to introduce them to the complexities and limitations inherent to designing custom typefaces. The students will learn to draw conclusions from the brief that influence the design of customized lettershapes for a logotype and ultimately a whole typeface family. For more information and signing-up, please see the pdf here.
July 2009
Aaron Heth and Matt McInerney recently interviewed Veronika and José on their internet radio show Readbetweentheleading (RBtL). It is a weekly 1h show, usually interviews with various professionals from the design field, in particular typography. Previously they had Nick Sherman from MyFonts, Jason Santa Maria and many others. The interview touches on TypeTogether's background, type design in general and type education. Despite some technical problems, it was fun.
September 2009
Thomas Kunz from German internet blog ABC darium recently intereviewed Spanish designer Pilar Cano, whose font Edita we have published only a few weeks ago. Read the full interview here.
July 2009
The programme for this year's ATypI conference, Typ09, was published. Andreu Balius and José Scaglione will present a talk about the history and contemporary use of the "eñe" caracter in spanish-speaking countries. The lecture will be part of the main conference programme, happening at MIDE, in the historical center of Mexico City.

Ñ: A sign to convey a sound
The alphabet used by the Romans –Latin– had twenty-one letters and it was enough for all the phonemes needed to articulate it. But as its descendants developed, they gave birth to new phonemes, new sounds that evolved out of spoken Latin, and they presented problems of spelling. Scribes had to find new ways of representing new sounds. This lecture describes in detail the development and use of one of these sounds, the ntilde character, which became a symbol of literature and culture for all the spanish-speaking countries in the world. The “ñ” is the uncontested representative of the spanish language, currently spoken by over 400 million people around the globe and the most studied romance tongue in the world.
June 2009
Jose Scaglione will present two lectures in the upcoming typography symposium "Letter & Design" in Córdoba, Argentina. The meeting is organized by UBP and Carácter Tipográfico as a part of an ongoing effort to produce academic activities oriented to improve typography use and type education.
June 2009
TypeTogether is represented with 5 fonts in this bilingual (spanish/english) book by publisher Monsa. It is a selection of the latest tendencies in the type world with examples from mainly small foundries.
May 2009
Bree, the popular upright italic designed by Veronika Burian & José Scaglione in 2008 was awarded a bronze prize in the Original Typeface category of the ED-Awards competition. Bree, a typeface based on TypeTogether's own logotype, is a sleek sans serif that delivers a polished and modern look and feel for branding or headline usage. It was originally released in five weights, ranging from thin to extrabold, and then expanded with matching obliques.
May 2009
Paul Shaw writes about Maiola and TypeTogether in his column "Hot Type". It is published in the latest issue of the magazine PRINT.
April 2009
Dan Reynolds wrote a cool review of Givry for the famous Typographica list, Our Favorite Typefaces of 2008.
April 2009
Bree appeared on yet another Best-of-list. This time Ricardo Cordoba wrote a nice review for the famous Typographica list, Our Favorite Typefaces of 2008.
April 2009
Smashing Magazine looked around for recently released corporate typefaces that have been frequently recommended, mentioned or discussed on popular typography-related blogs, forums and magazines. The result was a list of the 30 most promising corporate typefaces, Bree, and Ronnia are among them.
April 2009
Buy a single weight now and get reimbursed if you buy the whole bundle later. This is a great way to explore a new typeface without full commitment.
We also offer a 35% educational discount for students, teachers, faculty and school.
To take advantage of these, please contact us.
March 2009
Veronika and José will lead two workshops in Mexico City in March 2009, organized by the renowned publishing house Libraria. These workshops will cover many areas of the typeface design process and they aim to jumpstart both beginners and amateurs into alphabet-drawing. In addition to the workshops, Burian and Scaglione will participate in a roundtable discussion about Typographic Style, following the recent publication of the Spanish translation of Robert Bringhurst's "The Elements of Typographic Style".
Click here to learn more and register.

March 2009
The special issue of Communication Arts magazine for its 50th anniversary, features an article by Allan Haley, asking
current top type designers "What is new?". Allan writes about our newest yet unpublished slab serif design Adelle.
February 2009
Allan Haley writes about a selection of new display fonts in the February issue of HOW magazine. As one of the newcomers, he lists our successful typefamily Bree.
December 2008
The December issue of the German magazine PAGE featured an article on fresh alternatives for type-classics. Our typeface Athelas was shown as an alternative to Garamond.
December 2008
František Štorm interviewed Veronika for his new book Eseje o Typografii. It is a very well-written book about Štorm's ideas on type and his approach to designing with many interesting illustrations. So far it was published only in Czech by Revolver Revue.
November 2008
Recently-published Typo 33 contains an extensive review of Veronika's Maiola typeface in the context of Czech typography.
David Březina wrote about the background and Latin part of the family, Irene Vlachou comments on Maiola Greek.
October 2008
For the October issue of "creative characters" (MyFonts), Jan Middendrop selected Veronika and José. It is an interview intended to show the faces behind the fonts.
September 2008
The Austrian typografische gesellschaft invited Veronika to give a talk and workshop in Vienna. It was part of a whole series of talks, about 6 events per year that are open to the public and in particular to the students at die graphische.
June 2008
José Scaglione offered two lectures in the 3CIT in Valencia Spain. The first one addressed the origin and use of the spanish letter "eñe", accompained by renowned catalan designer Andreu Balius. The second lecture was a presentation that describes, with the help of recent samples of work, some of the reasons that drive the design and commercialization of new text typefaces, and how they affect the way new fonts look like.
May 2008
Veronika was invited to present at the PechaKucha event in Denver.
She talked about "Why another typeface". PK is a global phenomena about  people presenting their own work or other material of interest in the field of design and art. Each presentation takes only 6 min 40 sec and 20 slides.
May 2008
After several months of intensive planning, TypeTogether opened its first exhibition in Rosario, Argentina at CEC. The exhibit was very welcomed by local designers and publishing houses. This collection of real-life type design work was conceived as a travelling educational project and it will be shown in different cities, institutions and countries. To receive more information about hosting this exhibition please contact us.
April 2008
José's visit to Bogotá was confirmed. The activities calendar includes three lectures, one of them together with Andreu Balius, and a two-day type design workshop. These academic activities are sponsored by two colombian universities, Uniminuto and Libertadores, within a series of events related to the opening of the TiposLatinos 2008 Biennial.
March 2008
Our typefaces Ronnia and Karmina were selected to be part of the 23rd International Biennial of Graphic Design in Brno 2008 and were exhibited at the Moravian gallery later in the year.
March 2008
Ronnia, Karmina and Bree were selected in the text category of the Tipos Latinos competition and were on show throughout Latin-america in 2008.
January 2008
The German magazine Slanted published recently its 5th issue, the "Antiqua-boom". Antiqua in German refers to a serif typeface. Maiola was selected to be one of the examples of new, contemporary serif typefaces.
December 2007
The article "typeladys" in the November issue of PAGE talks about a selected number of female type designers and shows some of their work. Veronika is one of them.
November 2007
Karmina has won a merit at the Ed-Awards competition 07 and has been published in the accompanying catalogue. It is a well-done book showing interesting projects from allover Europe. To see details and purchase a copy, go to the ed-awards shop.
October 2007
Veronika gave two talks in Paris, one about Czech type design of the 20th century and one about her own work that was influenced by some of the Czech designers, such as Menhart and Preissig.
August 2007
Harper Collins and MaoMao published the book Typosphere, a showcase of new typefaces. Athelas and Maiola were chosen to be part of this selection.
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