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Inspired by early Czech type design, Veronika Burian’s Maiola is a contemporary typeface that is mindful of its heritage. Maiola creates a welcoming tension on the page by implementing oldstyle features and calligraphic reminiscences such as a humanist axis, modest contrast, and pen-formed terminals. Maiola is intended for high-quality printed text and thus handles its expressive tendencies with care to equalise the important issues of legibility and personality.

Maiola’s expressiveness stems from the handmade feeling of the letterforms. To give the impression that it was etched rather than created digitally, its glyphs have purposeful and subtle irregularities which enhance its dynamic spirit. Hard breaks and sharp angles placed throughout each glyph reinforce the idea of handmade imperfections inherent to the technology of centuries past: strokes and serifs vary slightly in weight and shape; the rising crossbar of the ‘e’ opens the interior space; the foot serifs are asymmetrical in length and diagonally cut; each curve has angles injected; and the serifs along the x-height have diagonal and curved shapes.

Maiola’s italic styles take the expressiveness a few steps further, proudly displaying the sharp and cutting nature of the pen tool. It follows a similar spirit as the roman, but with greater stroke contrast and more brisk curvature and angularity throughout. Alternate capital letters are available in the italic to vary the feeling slightly while keeping Maiola’s inherent dynamism and liveliness.

Together these characteristics have a tangible benefit on the comfort and ease of reading and, though they remain subtle at text sizes, are commanding, pointed, and memorable when used in large headings. Maiola shows that each variation is perfectly in place — resolved in the best way possible to bridge tradition and progression without losing one bit of expressiveness.

Maiola covers the Latin A, Cyrillic, and polytonic Greek languages (Greek extension by Irene Vlachou) and, while each is basically independent from each other, harmonise well together in multilingual text settings. Maiola is more than able to bring high-quality expression to your projects with its six styles and exhaustive OpenType features. The complete Maiola family, along with our entire catalogue, has been optimised for today’s varied screen uses.

– Won TDC in 2004 where it was also recognised as a Judge’s Choice
– Selected in the 2005 Creative Review design competition
– First place in the 2008 Granshan competition in the Cyrillic text typeface category
– Selected in the first Ukrainian typeface competition
– Exhibited at the 2010 Rutenia Calligraphy & Typography Festival in Kyiv
– Featured in the touring exhibition E–A–T

The Maiola family is available at our webfont service partners TYPEKITFONTDECK or contact us for self-hosting @font-face.
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The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

A wizard's job is to vex chumps quickly in fog.

Cute, kind, jovial, foxy physique, amazing beauty? Wowser!

Buvez de ce whisky que le patron juge fameux.

Ах чудна българска земьо, полюшквай цъфтящи жита.

Ѕидарски пејзаж: шугав билмез со чудење џвака ќофте и кељ на туѓ цех.

В чащах юга жил бы цитрус? Да, но фальшивый экземпляр!

Ξεσκεπάζω τὴν ψυχοφθόρα βδελυγμία.

Ζαφείρι δέξου πάγκαλο, βαθῶν ψυχῆς τὸ σῆμα.

Falsches Üben von Xylophonmusik quält jeden größeren Zwerg


Quel fez sghembo copre davanti

Jovencillo emponzoñado de whisky: ¡qué figurota exhibe!

Nechť již hříšné saxofony ďáblů rozzvučí síň úděsnými tóny waltzu, tanga a quickstepu.

Příliš žluťoučký kůň úpěl ďábelské ódy

Voyez le brick géant que j'examine près du wharf

Jove xef, porti whisky amb quinze glaçons d'hidrogen, coi!

Pójdźże, kiń tę chmurność w głąb flaszy!

Doch Bep, flink sexy qua vorm, zwijgt

Kŕdeľ ďatľov učí koňa žrať kôru.

Põdur Zagrebi tšellomängija-följetonist Ciqo külmetas kehvas garaažis

Jó foxim és don Quijote húszwattos lámpánál ülve egy pár bűvös cipőt készít.

Kæmi ný öxi hér, ykist þjófum nú bæði víl og ádrepa.

Luís argüia à Júlia que «brações, fé, chá, óxido, pôr, zângão» eram palavras do português.

D'fhuascail Íosa Úrmhac na hÓighe Beannaithe pór Éava agus Ádhaimh

Vår sære Zulu fra badeøya spilte jo whist og quickstep i min taxi.

Sic fugiens, dux, zelotypos, quam Karus haberis

Gojazni đačić s biciklom drži hmelj i finu vatu u džepu nošnje.

Pijamalı hasta yağız şoföre çabucak güvendi.


Maiola PE Regular

Maiola PE Italic

Maiola PE Book

Maiola PE Book Italic

Maiola PE Bold

Maiola PE Bold Italic

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