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Bree Serif Regular & Italic

DateOctober 2013

Two of Bree Serif styles, Regular and Italic, are free of charge.

Abril Fatface

DateFebruary 2012

The free fatface style is part of a larger typefamily inspired by 19th century type.

Tablet Gothic, SemiCond XB

DateMarch 2012

This free font is part of a large 42-member family, perfect for extensive editorial use.


DateFebruary 2012

A contemporary take on blackletter, inspired by a beer label lettering in Iceland.

Adelle Basic

DateFebruary 2012

Two of Adelle Basic weights, Bold and Bold Italic, are free of charge, both print and web.


DateFebruary 2012

Jockey Regular is available for free, inspired by old Argentine lettering.

Sirba Specimen

DateFebruary 2012

Buy the whole Sirba Bundle and receive this beautifully printed specimen for free.
At TypeTogether we make sure that tailored typeface projects are developed on solid foundations, based on the client's brief, targeted research and close collaboration with all the involved parties (advertising agencies, software developers and language advisors, to name just a few). Please consult us to discuss and specify needs.
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