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Workshops and lectures by TypeTogether
Academic projects have become a very important part of TypeTogether. We actively collaborate with educational institutions, galleries, NGOs and professional associations in order to add a small contribution to the greater effort of raising the bar of professional quality and promoting good typography.

Some of our more visible activities are publishing articles in specialized media and lecturing at international conferences. Our work was part of different travelling exhibitions such as E.A.T. and Tipos Latinos, and in 2008 we put together our
own educational exhibition called "Why another font. Type design from conception to reader".

We also collaborate with educational institutions and NGOs around the globe organising seminars, master classes and workshops on typography and type design. These are tailored for the specific level of the students, ranging from the very first steps of letter sketching to the highly complex processes of font production. Please contact us for more information about bringing any of the aforementioned activities to your city.


DateNovember 2016
Keynote presentation and a short introductory workshop to type design at Thailand's unique typography conference.

Dublin Type Workshop

DateMarch 2015
"Introduction to digital typeface design" workshop at DIT Dublin.

Typography in the news

DateSeptember 2014
"Typography in the news", workshop at École de Communication Visuelle in Bordeaux, France.

Introduction to digital typeface design

DateJuly 2014
"Introduction to digital typeface design" workshop during the 6th edition of the Congreso Internacional de Tipografía in Valencia (Spain).

From Concept to Reader 2.0

DateJuly 2014
From Concept to Reader 2.0, during Bulgaria's One Design Week

Gjøvik III

DateMarch 2014
Basic type design workshop at the University of Gjøvik in Norway.

No typo with tipos workshop

DateMay 2013
Intermediate level typeface design workshop at Galerie Vernon, in Prague.

Gjøvik II

DateMarch 2013
Basic type design workshop at the University of Gjøvik in Norway.

How to create typefaces

DateAugust 2012
A book by Meseguer, Henestrosa and Scaglione, published by Tipo e.


DateJune 2012
"Introduction into digital typeface design" workshop during ISType conference.
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