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LFT Etica

LFT Etica, the moralist type family by Leftloft, began at the end of 2000, but its development is ongoing as it expands to fill the astute designer’s needs. The starting point was the common, cold grotesque sans typefaces — ubiquitous and often badly applied in their everyday visual environment. The challenge was to obtain the same force, versatility, and colour, but with a much warmer feel. LFT Etica resides aesthetically somewhere between a grotesque and a humanist sans serif, resulting from a design of soft strokes with open counters and terminals. LFT Etica successfully combines forcefulness and delicacy, wrapping both with sober charm.

Milan-based Leftloft studio teamed up with Octavio Pardo to develop 24 additional styles for the very successful LFT Etica type family. This expansion is a direct response to type users’ requests who found in LFT Etica a de facto choice for web design. The new styles come in two series — 12 condensed widths and 12 compressed ones — and have proven versatile in applications where the ratio between information and space becomes an important challenge. Each letter was scrutinised to ensure durability throughout time and adaptability within circumstance, so LFT Etica meets the challenge of balance head-on.

With its wide current range of 40 styles and many OpenType features (four sets of numerals, fractions, arrows, and dingbats, as well as stylistic alternates), LFT Etica is a versatile typeface suitable for corporate or casual use, for printed publications as well as web design. The complete LFT Etica family, along with our entire catalogue, has been optimised for today’s varied screen uses.

– Included in Yearbook of Type I, 2013

The full family is available at our webfont service partners TYPEKIT - FONTDECK  or contact us for self-hosting @font-face.
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