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Originally inspired by wall lettering in a small Grecian chapel, the Crete typeface by Veronika Burian was adjusted considerably to work in text. It is perfect for display use where an unconventional and delightful impression is desired. Due to a sense of movement throughout each glyph, Crete deftly retains the reader’s interest in a text environment.

The name of each style (Thick, Thin, and Round) refers to the change in the serifs themselves. So instead of increasing vertical stem widths from one weight to the next, as is common, the unusual serifs and terminals carry the tone, adding to the graceful appearance in the Thin and providing a more robust feel in the Thick style. Both are metrically interchangeable, so text will not reflow when mixed. The accompanying italics have several different lettershapes and therefore have, in some cases, their own widths, yet they always sit comfortably next to the uprights.

Crete Round is more independent from the two original styles, with changed terminals and serifs to create two new fonts that deliver a more contemporary and functional appearance. Furthermore, the new styles proved to be surprisingly efficient for web use and so are available under the SIL Open Source License at Google Webfonts.

The limited number of weights serves to underline Crete’s primary purpose for headings, callouts, and short texts. When a memorable slab serif is needed, Crete’s unconventional ways fit the bill. The complete Crete family comes in six styles, speaks multiple languages, and, along with our entire catalogue, has been optimised for today’s varied screen uses.

– First prize for display typeface in the 2008 Granshan Type Design Competition
– Selected as branding for Letter.2, the second type design competition of the Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI), 2011

The Crete family is available at our webfont service partners TYPEKIT - FONTDECK or contact us for self-hosting @font-face.
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