TypeTogether in Type Magazine’s Premier Issue

April 2018

Roger Black, the renowned art director and helmsman of TypeNetwork, has released Type Magazine, a new quarterly editorial centred on the personalities and stories behind typography and its use. It lives not so much in the standard “Look at this new font!” arena as it does in the intersecting stories of human interest, type, and design.


The story details of the first issue were kept under wraps until its release. Much to our surprise, we discovered that four TypeTogether partners were included in the premier issue: Roxane Gataud and Joshua Farmer, who are part of the core team, and Linda Kudrnovská and Liron Lavi Turkenich, who are extended family.

Roxane is creator of the Bely family and one of TypeTogether’s graphic designers and type designers. She is one of four up-and-coming type designers interviewed for the main article. Joshua, TypeTogether’s writer and editor, interviewed two poster companies that have taken the past year to each produce a series celebrating America’s National Parks Service centennial. Though both organisations approach the subject with contrasting perspectives, they have found their individual niche and created great work.

Linda runs design-focused companies, such as 365Typo and the annual book of the same name, and works with the highly regarded étapes. She is profiled about her endeavours, how she came to be involved in such wide-ranging projects, and her desire and approach to telling better stories. Liron Lavi Turkenich is creator of the hybrid Hebrew–Arabic family Aravrit, is Noam Text’s assistant designer, and a consummate researcher and teacher. She wrote an article describing the renewed interest in the flared sans serif style, as seen in the 1938 family Lydian and Dr Gerard Unger’s Sanserata released by TypeTogether (2016).

Check out these and many other articles in the print version of Type Magazine or online. Congratulations to Roxane, Josh, Linda, and Liron, and to Roger and the other contributors for making the first issue a huge success!

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