ISType 2013

June 2013

ISType 2013 (Istanbul Typography Seminars), is a series of lectures and workshops conceived to encourage typographic education and develop understanding for type design in Turkey.

Visual identity

The conference was first conceived by the renowend designers/educators Onur Yazıcıgil and Alessandro Segalini in 2011. For the 2013 conference identity Athelas was chosen as the main typeface for both website and print material, such as the catalogue, the welcome bag and the poster of the conference.
Additionally, Tablet Gothic Wide Extra Bold was the inspiration for the hand drawn ‘S’ that was the main feature of the event’s identity. The illustration was a play on the conference topic, the ‘stroke’, and, at the same time, a homage to Gerrit Noordzij’s well known book The Stroke: Theory of Writing (1985).

About Us

TypeTogether is an indie type foundry committed to excellence in type design with a focus on editorial use. Additionally, TypeTogether creates custom type design for corporate use. We invite you to browse our library of retail fonts or contact us to discuss custom type design projects.