Gerard Unger Scholarship announcement

Honour is when we are able to raise the thoughts of others to match our own. Friendship is to have deep personal regard through experience with someone else. Reflection is to look fondly upon one’s history. And progress is to push forward through change or loss with celebration. There are many ways to honour the life of our friend and colleague, Dr Gerard Unger. One thing we decided was to change the name of our annual Typeface Publishing Incentive Programme to Gerard Unger Scholarship. In this way, we are inviting the past and future recipients of the scholarship to continually look to one of the masters, to pursue progress in their skills and in the type design community, and to engender the values of camaraderie personally and professionally as Dr Unger did.


Picks from our font catalogue

Bree Greek

A Greek upright italic, influenced by handwriting and confidently extending the Bree family.

Bree Greek
Explore Bree Greek

from Thin to Extrabold

Script and Language

Monotonic Greek and over 100 Latin based languages

Recommended Usage

Branding, advertising, packaging, titles and headlines


Standard ligatures, 4 sets of figures (old style numerals, lining figures, proportional figures, tabular figures), slashed zero, superscript, inferiors, numerators, denominators, fractions, alternative fractions, ordinals, localised forms, historical form

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Our team consists of some of the top global talent in their respective fields. You’re reading these words because someone wrote them. That someone is Joshua Farmer, TypeTogether’s copywriter and editor. Josh works hard to strike the right balance between information and emotion, expressing the importance of each type family in everything from full-page descriptions to succinct one-liners. If it has words, it either came from his creative mind or was filtered through his hands before arriving to you. Read about him in our ongoing team interview series.


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