Tablet Gothic, SemiCond XB

March 2012

This free font is part of a large 42-member family, perfect for extensive editorial use.

The new type family by Burian and Scaglione, Tablet Gothic was originally engineered as a titling type family. It is meant to help designers working on publications that require output as hard copies and a variety of digital platforms at the same time. As such, it is a grotesque sans serif that looks to the future of publishing with a clear understanding of its history. Tablet Gothic delivers the sturdy, straightforward and clean appearance expected from a grotesque, but it allows itself a good measure of personality to make it stand out on the page.

We are giving away Tablet Gothic SemiCondensed Extrabold for free. After selecting Tablet Gothic SemiCondensed Extrabold in our webshop, simply add this code ba9daa9d in the checkout and download the font.

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