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DateJuly 2010
LAC Sans was developed, in collaboration with design studio FM milano, for a pitch for the new identity program of the Center of Contemporary Art in Lugano, Switzerland. It is a vast project embracing many different sectors of the center, from music to theater to art. Therefore FM milano's idea was to connect all these entities with a unique typeface that would give the center recognisibility and character. The first weight to be developed was a display version to be used on posters, in the logotype and other promotional material. The typeface would then, if accepted, be expanded into a broader range of weights.
The concept of the whole identity derives from the special place Lugano, a lake surrounded by mountains and particularly the Monte Brè that is visible from the new building of the art center. The visuals are a representation of reflections, natural colours and triangular shapes of mountains.
The brief for the typeface was based on these visual ideas. It described to combine swiss typographic tradition with the specifically natural environment of Lugano and its organic shapes. The result is a rather dark display typeface, qute stiff in structure but with playful details, such as the curved outstrokes and soft stem terminals.

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At TypeTogether we make sure that tailored typeface projects are developed on solid foundations, based on the client's brief, targeted research and close collaboration with all the involved parties (advertising agencies, software developers and language advisors, to name just a few). Please consult us to discuss and specify needs.
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