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Web Fonts & Mobile App Embedding
DateApril 2015
WEB FONTS & Mobile Embedding

Quick guide to using our fonts on the web and in mobile applications

  • Font embedding in PDF or Flash documents is allowed.
  • We consider Cufon and sFIR to be other embedding formats and they are also allowed in our EULA.
  • Using our fonts for a software application such as a game or an installable application usually requires a special licence that has to be tailored for each project.
  • Our fonts are available by subscribing to the webfont rental services of our partners: FONTS - TYPEKIT. Note that no licence from TypeTogether will be necessary for this.
  • Self-hosting @ font-face is availabe for websites with over 100.000 million pageviews per month. Please contact us, if you wish to use this service.
  • Read the webfont license agreement here.

  • Mobile app embedding for read-only. The license fee is 3x the desktop license price and one (1) App (title). 
  • Each title may be distributed in multiple mobile platforms and devices (ie. iOS, Android, HTML 5 etc...)
  • Perpetual, one-off fee, for the life-time of the title. Please contact us, if you wish to use this service.
  • Read the Mobile App Embedding license here.

IMPORTANT: If you would like to discuss a specific kind of use of our fonts and are uncertain, if our EULA allows it, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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