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"Creative scream"

August 2012
José Scaglione was invited to deliver a lecture at the upcoming event Creative Scream in Rosario, Argentina. This yearly event gathers nearly 1000 designers at the Contemporary Expressions Center (CEC) for a 1-day conference. Scaglione will present a lecture about collaborative type design with a focus on typography for newspapers. For more information please visit
August 2012

Type design trends

The typeface created by TypeTogether for the new LEVI's campaign was featured in Creative Bloq, a very interesting blog that that focuses on trends in different design fields. Click here to read the blog or find out more about the LEVI's project
July 2012

Dutch Profiles

Dutch Profiles, organised by DutchDFA, is a series of short documentaries about about architects, graphic, product and fashion designers in the Netherlands. The interviews, with both known and up-coming professionals, show the designer's way of working, their conceptual attitudes and thoughts and their surroundings. Gerard Unger's profile focuses not only on his past achievments with typefaces like Gulliver, but also shows some og his latest ideas and more experimental designs.
You can see two of his typefaces, Coranto 2 and Capitolium 2 in our type library.
June 2012


The Prague College of Design is organising an International Typographic and Lettering Conference, "Differing Accents" 11th to 14th June in Prague. They invited Veronika to speak about the work of Czech type designer Oldřich Menhart and his historical circumstances. Additionally she will present some of TypeTogether's projects.
May 2012

SND Sudamérica

The Society for News Design invited José Scaglione to lecture in the conference Postpapel that will be held in Buenos Aires on May 18. The conference focuses on editorial design for paper, web and mobile devices. Scaglione's lecture deals with the various roles of typefaces in the design of newspapers, and the challenges and possibilities related to new media platforms. More information and registration CLICK HERE
April 2012

TDC Tokyo

The Tokyo TDC Exhibition 2012 presenting the results of the Tokyo TDC Awards 2012 is being held at Ginza Graphic Gallery in Tokyo from April 2, 2012. Period: April 02 -  25, 2012
The exhibition presents a total of 100 works including the award-winning and nominated works and works which won high marks at the primary selection.
We are happy that Abril Text & Display is part of this display.
March 2012

TDC talk

Veronika was invited to speak at the TDC in New York, coming month, 12th April. She will discuss her collaborative work within TypeTogether on type designs conceived for intensive editorial use. The focus will be on the complex issues behind technical, historical and theoretical aspects of these typefaces. How they are set, printed and read. Go to TDC website for details.
If you are in the area please come and join.
February 2012

Ampersand conference

José & Veronika have been invited to speak at this year's Ampersand conference in Brighton in June. It is the second edition of the successful one-day event on web typography bringing together the industry’s leading thinkers and designers from across the worlds of type and web design.
February 2012

Typographica's Best of 2011

The popular Typographica blog is back with its well curated review of "Best typefaces of 2011". The invited group of people to review their choices of typefaces ranged from writers, educators to type designers and type users. This year, we are happy that two of our typefaces were selected. Claus Eggers Sørensens choice was Capitolium News 2 by Gerard Unger, and Abril by Veronika Burian & José Scaglione was selected by Tim Brown.

January 2012


Soleil, by Wolfgang Homola, is being publicised as contemporary interpretation of Futura in the book "Futura. Une gloire typographique", by Alexandre Dumas de Rauly, Michel Wlassikoff, Norma éditions, 2011.
December 2011

iBook now includes Athelas

Apple released iBook 1.5, the new version of its mobile e-book reader application. Users will take advantage of a wide range of upgrades over previous versions, including an improved selection of fonts that includes the award wining Athelas. Designed by José Scaglione and Veronika Burian, Athelas is an attempt to go back towards the beauty of fine book design, inspired in Britain's literary classics. It takes full advantage of the typographic silence, that white space in the margins, between the columns, the lines, the words, the lettershapes and finally, within the characters themselves. It is a typeface with open counters, elegant curves and graceful serifs.
November 2011

Lecture at ADCV

The Association of Visual Communication Designers of Buenos Aires announced a lecture by José Scaglione on November 25. The talk, entitled Designing typefaces: from concept to reader, revisits the logics behind TypeTogether's conceptual take on type family production, and explores the delicate balance between aesthetics, functionality and technical factors that is necessary in type design.
November 2011

Book release

The Gestalten Verlag selected TypeTogether to feature in their recent release of Type Navigator: The Independent Foundries Handbook, edited by Jan Middendrop and TwoPoints.Net.
It is a very nicely designed and well structured handbook of the best independent sources for quality fonts; an indispensable tool for designers, consultants, agencies, and their customers of modern fonts. In addition to all the valuable information about the foundries, a CD with 100 free typefaces accompanies the 320-page book.
See some images here.


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