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Yearbook of Type I

July 2013
The Yearbook of Type I, published by Slanted and Magma Brand Design, is a compendium of new typefaces created in the last three years from all over the world and from all kind of typefoundries. There is also space for designers, typefoundries and background information, with contributions by Ole Schäfer, Filip Blažek and Gerry Leonidas. Six of TypeTogether's font have been selected for this first issue: Abril, Tablet Gothic, Adelle and Adelle Sans, Gerard Unger's Capitolium 2 and LFT Etica by Lefloft.
Read more about the book here.

June 2013

How to choose the right type

You can read the article How to choose the right type by Veronika Burian and José Scaglione, first published in issue 238 of .Net magazine, online now.
Veronika and José explain the most important factors that should be considered when selecting typefaces, particularly in the digital environment. However, this text should be regarded as a starting point only, to help designers to move outside of their typographic comfort zone, favouring an analytical approach over recipes that can only result in repetitive, inefficient and boring work.
Read the entire article here
May 2013

New additions to TypeTogether

TypeTogether welcomes three new members to the team: Sonja Keller, Font Engineer, Irene Vlachou, Senior Type Designer and Elena Veguillas, Communications Manager. This exciting development is part of our ongoing efforts to deliver friendly customer support, technical quality and excellent type design.

Sonja is an experienced font production ninja, who will take care of all the technical aspects of OpenType and web font development. Irene’s knowledge in multi-script design and her keen eye on quality will encourage a fresh approach to typography. She will be involved in the creation of new typefaces as well as expanding existing projects. Elena’s role will be to enliven TypeTogether’s communications and research. In addition she will also handle any aspects related to branding and the press office.

Read more here
March 2013

Barcelona lectures

TypeTogether's schedule in Catalunya is already set and includes two lectures by José Scaglione in Barcelona. On Tuesday, April 9, at 7:30pm, do not miss Typographic Matchmaking, a primer to successful combination of type families, at BAU. And on Thursday, April 11, at 7:00pm, José will visit ELISAVA to present Shaping Types, Form and Usage. Both lectures are open to the general public.
April 2013

TDC Tokyo

The Tokyo TDC Exhibition 2013 presenting the results of the Tokyo TDC Awards 2013 is being held at Ginza Graphic Gallery in Tokyo from April 4, 2013 until April 27. The exhibition presents a total of 150 works including the award-winning and nominated works and works which won high marks at the primary selection. We are very happy that our Tablet Gothic made it too.

March 2013

No Typo with Tipo

We are very happy to bring Tipos Latinos 2012, the Fifth Biennial Show of Latin American Typography for the first time to the Czech Republic this April. The objectives were clear; expose the local Czech design scene to Latin American typography and nurture the exchange of knowledge and experience. As part of this endeavor, we also invited several czech designers to contribute their recent type work, that hasn't been exposed to the general public before. The exhibition will open on the 4th April at the Gallery Vernon in Prague 7. At opening night a special token will be the screening of the film "Making Faces" by Richard Kegler.
March 2013

TDC Award

Tom Grace's Iskra has been selected by the jury of the renowned TDC competition to receive the Certificate of Excellence in Typeface Design, and will be included in the Annual of the Type Directors Club, Typography 34. Iskra manages to detach itself from the usual sans serif stiffness by paying tribute to the less-predictable style of brush lettering. The typeface was conceived to challenge the limits between utilitarian and decorative.
March 2013

Best of 2012

Typographica's long awaited Best Typefaces of 2012 is out, featuring 3 of our fonts, Adelle Sans, reviewed by Nadine Chanine, Eskapade, reviewed by Matthew Butterick, and Tablet Gothic, reviewed by Ivo Gabrowitsch. We also recommend to read the Brief Thoughts on the State of Type, by Typographica's editor, Stephen Coles.
January 2013

The second edition is here

Spanish publishing house Tipo e announced the release of the second edition of the very successful book Cómo crear tipografías (How to create typefaces), by Cristobal Henestrosa, Laura Meseguer and José Scaglione. According to Eye Magazine this book "may be the most fruitful publication so far availablein the discipline". Cómo crear tipografías is currently available only in Spanish. Read more about the book here
December 2012

Geometry of Type

We are very pleased that two of our typefaces, Adelle and Bree, appear in Stephen Coles recent book "Geometry of Type". A book about the anatomy of 100 essential typefaces. See some pictures here.
December 2012

Joseph Binder Award

We are happy to announce that Wolfgang Homola's unusual geometric sans serif Soleil received Silver at the Austrian Joseph Binder Award 2012, promoted by Design Austria. See some images here.
December 2012

Graphische Revue

Austrian media and print magazine "Graphische Revue" interviewed Wolfgang Homola about his typeface Soleil. About its special conception as custom font for the "Arbeiterkammer" signage system and how it developed into a full functioning type family.
December 2012

Women in Graphic Design

From the publisher: "Why do apparently so few women feature in the history of design? Why is it still the case that so few women speak at conferences? Why are previously well-known women ‘forgotten’? What effects does the gender debate have on today’s everyday working life? Are women judged today solely on the basis of their quality of work? Since professionalization began, female graphic designers have been working actively and successfully, but the artificial synthesis of masculinity and artistic genius has repeatedly prevented women — with few exceptions — to be recognised in ‘official’ design history. Still today, despite the claim that the gender issue is obsolete in graphic design, only a tiny percentage of active female designers enjoy public acclaim. This opulently illustrated volume sets out to fill this gap. It presents significant female designers and portrays their paths to professionalization, with numerous short biographies alongside essays, sources and detailed discussions with currently well-known female designers."
The book is available in the US and Europe.

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