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October 2010
Donald and Liza from Typeradio took the opportunity at the ED-Awards celebrations 2010 in Rotterdam to interview Veronika about her work. She attended the awards ceremony, because TypeTogether received a Gold Medal for Adelle. The interview starts questioning Veronika about religion and then continues to ask how she got to type design, her favourite letter and more. Listen now.
October 2010


In 2008 Veronika and José were interviewed by Jan Middendrop for the monthly popular series "Creative Characters" by MyFonts. The originally digital interview, was included in the first volume of type-designer interviews spanning two years, with expanded case histories, behind-the-scenes images and further examples of fonts in use. Get the book here.
September 2010

Type Competition

The Polish New Art Foundation ZNACZY SIE announces an international type design competition to commemorate the birth centennial of Czesław Miłosz - a poet, writer, translator and Nobel Laureate. All currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students are invited to participate. Veronika was invited to be part of the jury, together with Pilar Cano, Barbara Kȩsek-Bardel, Robert Oleś and Kuba Sowiński. For more information go here.
September 2010


The French design magazine étapes is featuring an interview with Veronika in its July 2010 issue. Linda Kudrnovská, chief editor of the czech magazine TYPO, asked Veronika about type combinations, trends and multi-script typography.
August 2010

Tage der Typografie

The annual conference "Tage der Typografie" are being held for the 12th time this year from the 5th to 7th November in Düsseldorf, Germany. The organiser Peter Reichard invited Veronika this year to give a weekend workshop as part of the events.
This workshop is aimed to graphic design professionals and students. It may be also of interest to calligraphers, editorial designers, information designers and industrial designers. By means of tracing pre-selected letters, participants will experiment with structural elements of lettershapes such as contrast, connections, weight of strokes and curve velocity. They will also learn the basics behind sketching an alphabet. This will be aided by short lessons that will establish essential knowledge units that support the theoretical framework and the concepts behind the exercises. The resulting characters will be openly discussed and corrections and alternatives will be shared among participants. During the second day, students will digitize their work according to a specific set of instructions and will have the opportunity to touch on more advanced questions, such as diacritics, coding, font family development and font production.

July 2010


We are happy and proud to announce that we have received two awards in this years ED-Awards competition. Our multi-purpose typefamily Adelle was given Gold and Karmina Sans won Bronze in the category "Original Typeface". Veronika collected the nice but very heavy trophy at the awards ceremony in Rotterdam this past month. Many thanks to the jury and Ed-Awards!
June 2010


Simon Esterson from the UK-based magazine Eye asked us about the experiences we had with Typekit and what our general take is on the new possibilities in web typography. The entire interview can be read online at eye blog.
June 2010

2+3D interview

Polish designer and teacher Ewa Satalecka interviewed José and Veronika for the design magazine 2+3D. The six-page article covers questions about long-distance collaboration and the way of designing type faces together. It also shows some very nice examples of various available TT typefaces. Erratum, unfortunately the publisher did not properly mark the poster showing Edita, as being designed by Pilar Cano, and apologises for the mistake.
May 2010

Givry in Slanted

The team of the German design magazine Slanted invited us to submit Givry, designed by Tom Grace, for their latest issue "Blackletter". The magazine explores the type category of blackletter and anything related to that including a series of photographs about the Norwegian Heavy Metal scene. Givry is presented in the section "Fontlabels, Fonts & Families"
May 2010

FONT interview

The newly redesigned, by Marek Pistora, Czech magazine FONT invited José and Veronika to speak amongst other things about their beginnings, influences, approach to design and way of collaboration. The well designed four-page interview also shows some samples of our typefaces in use, such as in various newspapers and books.
April 2010

Opening of TL2010 Chile

The first exhibition of Tipos Latinos 2010 opened in Santiago, Chile, on April 14th 2010. The program of activities included two days of lectures at the Centro Cultural de España. Scaglione was the keynote speaker on the first day, with a lecture entitled "Shaping Types" that focuses on typography for editorial design. On the second day, Isaías Loaiza presented a lecture about corporate fonts and the role of typography in a corporate id program. The TiposLatinos 2010 exhibition includes two typefaces by TypeTogether: Karmina Sans and Adelle. The photo in this story is courtesy of Consuelo Saavedra. More images available here.
April 2010


Veronika is scheduled to give a talk at this years typographic symposium "typetalks" in Brno. This unique one-day event will feature various international speakers lecturing about the beauty of type, typographic history and will share some insight in type design. More information about venue, schedule and registration are available on
February 2010


FontCast #9 — TypeTogether from FontShop on Vimeo. Veronika Burian and José Scaglione interviewed by Stephen Coles during the last ATypI conference in October 2009. A terrace overlooking the Zócalo square of Mexico City is the perfect framework to talk about fonts, TT's beginnings and much more. See the fontcast HERE.

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