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TT exhibition in Poznan

June 2011
We were invited to show our "Typefaces, from concept to reader" exhibition as part of TypeTalks 2 in Poznan. It is an updated version with additional typefaces. The exhibition will be held at the gallery "stary browar" and will be open from the 18th until 27th of June. The opening night is on the 19th for those of you who are in the area.
April 2011


The Slovakian design magazine Designum, published by the Slovakian Design Center, asked Veronika to write an article for the latest Spring issue. The article is based on her lecture "Decentralisation in type design" presented at Kupe 6 with the general theme "Center and Periphery". See some pictures here.
April 2011

TYPO article

The latest issue of Czech design magazine TYPO features our article about the type design workshop we led in Cieszyn, Poland, last year. We wrote about our general approach to teaching type design and about the specifics of this particular group. See some pictures here.
April 2011

TDC Tokyo

The Tokyo TDC Exhibition 2011 presenting the results of the Tokyo TDC Awards 2011 is being held at Ginza Graphic Gallery in Tokyo from April 1, 2011. The exhibition presents a total of 121 works including the award-winning and nominated works and works which won high marks at the primary selection. Our typeface Adelle is part of this show. See some images here.

March 2011

iPhone app

The US based developer team of taptaptap licensed Bree for their popular iPhone application Camera+. The app is simple to use and is packed with several useful features, which allow the user to control exposure and focus, try out various shooting modes, edit the picture with a variety of filters and effects and share in social media. Learn more here.
March 2011


ATypI is organising its second international type design competition Letter.2.It aims to provide a wide-angled snapshot of the state of typeface design around the globe ten years after the 2001 competition, and to promote typographic excellence and best professional practices. It also intends to raise awareness about the role of typography at encouraging and maintaining cultural diversity. Registration opens on the 4th of April 2011.
Check out the rules here.

February 2011

Valentype 2011

Fontfeed's Ives Peters invited people to submit their declarations of love for a typeface of their choice from a selection of participating foundries. Our typefaces Adelle and Bree have received some love letters too. See the full gallery here.
January 2011

Choosing types

Spanish group Tipo e announced that the first edition of "Tipo elige tipo" has been sold out. But do not despair if you don't have your copy yet. We recently heard that a (corrected and augmented) second edition is in the making. "Tipo elige tipo" features 16 articles by typographers and type designers, including Miguel Catopodis' article about Karmina and José Scaglione's about Bree. The book is fully set in Karmina as well. Visit the Tipo e website to find out more.
January 2011

Communication Arts

Since 1959, Communication Arts has published the best in visual communications from around the world. The 2011 Typography Annual features 179 projects that the jury selected from the 2,135 entries. The selected projects include three of our typefaces: Edita, designed by Pilar Cano, Karmina Sans and Adelle, designed by Veronika Burian and José Scaglione. Read more and see some images.
January 2011

8 Faces interview

Elliot Jay Stocks interviewed José and Veronika for the latest issue, #2, of 8 Faces. This magazine, printed in limited edition, features interviews with 8 different designers and has them select their favourite 8 typefaces. They talked about the beginnings of TypeTogether, the working process and what kind of lessons were learned over the past years. See some images here.
December 2010


The successfull website, a vast forum with topics related to the creative community, decided to take the jump and present their content with our webfont Cora. The new service of Extensis, WebINK, makes the implementation easy and fast. Cora, designed by Bart Blubaugh, is a sans serif, with an experimental bent, offering a large x-height, some contrast of stroke weight, and capitals inspired by classical lettering. Its proportions and structure lend themselves to be clearly legible on the screen.
December 2010

Interview Slanted

Julia Kahl from the German design magazine Slanted interviewed Veronika this last May during TYPO Berlin. She asked her how Veronika came to type design, how TypeTogether started and why she thinks there are so few female typedesigners. The whole issue Nr. 12 is dedicated to female designers and their work and topics around. Additionally our typefaces Adelle and Bree are used throughout the magazine, both as bodytext and headlines.
November 2010


Our typefaces Adelle and Maiola were selected in the first Ukrainian typeface competition and then exhibited at the Rutenia Calligraphy & Typography Festival in Kyiv. Lectures, master-classes and an open-air workshop "Street Calligraphy" were all part of the two-day event. The exhibition though runs until the 22nd November. On the festival website it reads: "The festival mission is to revive an interest in calligraphy and typography in Ukraine, to provide a place to communicate for calligraphers, typeface designers, typographers, publishers, creative professionals, advertising industry workers, art students, and all the people who care about visual form of word or book as well as about its content."

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