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2012 typetimes specimen

28x36cm, 4-colour offset print on improved newspaper paper Viprint. Price includes shipping.
Click here to see more images of the specimen or browse through it interactively on

What better than seeing type printed in its intended real environment; typetimes brings you our latest releases for ediotrial design. The fonts featured are Abril, Tablet Gothic, Coranto 2, Capitolium 2 and LFT Etica. The 28x36cm large specimen shows 4 different design spreads in newspaper/magazine providing samples of the fonts in different sizes and functions. Designed by Filip Blažek and printed by JPM tisk on improved newspaper paper, Viprint.

The specimen is distributed for free, only the shipping/handling fee will be charged in advance. Ships by regular snail mail, no tracking number provided.

Price USD 5.98

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