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Rue Display Semibold for free
DateJuly 2010

More high quality fonts from TypeTogether

The OpenType version, full commercial licence, of Rue Display Semibold can be downloaded free of charge. As a part of TypeTogether's permanent efforts to promote and encourage high quality typography we are distributing this FREE COMMERCIAL LICENCE of Rue Display Semibold, the beautiful organic sans serif designed by Winnie Tan. Click here to see the rest of the font family

Click here to see more images of Rue

What does the commercial licence allow?
(For a full description please refer to the EULA)
. Install the fonts on up to 5 computers in a single geographic location
. Use it for commercial graphic design or advertising projects
. Embed it in PDF files to send to the print bureau
. Changing the font format for internal use only

What is not allowed in the licence?
(For a full description please refer to the EULA)
. Sharing the font files
. Embedding it on any software application
. Reselling it
. Storing it on a web server

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More about Rue
Rue is an organic, casually ornamental, narrow-faced sans serif. It is a display type structured with random traces of calligraphic tendencies. It does not begin with any noble ideals, other than to mediate between the muse of imagination and the act of realization.

The spirited and exploratory design is the materialization of a feeling about fonts as a family of organisms taking on a life of its own, in work and play. Rue is the epitome of vanity and indulgence which seems to purpose itself well in aesthetics, wellness and botanicals. It’s whimsical quality also suggests applications in the form of gifts and ornamentation.

In retrospect, Rue was conceived as a typeface, used as an image and discovered as an ornament. It comes in 5 weights of light, regular, medium, semibold and bold, and their matching italics.

At TypeTogether we make sure that tailored typeface projects are developed on solid foundations, based on the client's brief, targeted research and close collaboration with all the involved parties (advertising agencies, software developers and language advisors, to name just a few). Please consult us to discuss and specify needs.
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